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Jul-2019The impact of bariatric surgery on pelvic floor dysfunction : a systematic reviewMontenegro, Marcelo; Slongo, Helena; Juliato, Cassia Raquel Teatin; Minassian, Vatche Arakel; Tavakkoli, Ali; Brito, Luiz Gustavo Oliveira-Artigo
2019A class of parabolic equations driven by the mean curvature flowde Araujo, Anderson L. A.; Montenegro, Marcelo-Artigo
2018Existence of solution for a nonvariational elliptic system with exponential growth in dimension twoAraujo, Anderson L. A. de; Montenegro, Marcelo-Artigo
2015An elliptic system and the critical hyperbolaFerreira, Lucas C. F.; Medeiros, Everaldo; Montenegro, Marcelo-Artigo
2014A symbiotic self-cross diffusion modelMontenegro, Marcelo; Suarez, Antonio-Artigo
2014An obstacle problem in a plane domain with two solutionsFigueiredo, Giovany M.; Furtado, Marcelo; Montenegro, Marcelo-Artigo
2015Existence of solution for a general class of elliptic equations with exponential growthAraujo, Anderson L. A. de; Montenegro, Marcelo-Artigo
2016A class of elliptic equations with singular and critical nonlinearitiesFigueiredo, Giovany M.; Montenegro, Marcelo-Artigo
2015The descending flow method and existence of solutions for a class of elliptic equationsMontenegro, Marcelo; Presoto, Adilson E.-Artigo
2016Existence And Symmetry For Elliptic Equations In ℝn With Arbitrary Growth In The GradientFerreira, Lucas C. F.; Montenegro, Marcelo; Santos, Matheus C.-Artigo
2017Invertibility of nonsmooth mappingsMontenegro, Marcelo; Presoto, Adilson E.-Artigo