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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2013Characterization Of Multiscroll Attractors Using Lyapunov Exponents And Lagrangian Coherent Structures.Fazanaro, Filipe I; Soriano, Diogo C; Suyama, Ricardo; Attux, Romis; Madrid, Marconi K; de Oliveira, José Raimundo-Artigo de periódico
2012An Extended Echo State Network Using Volterra Filtering And Principal Component Analysis.Boccato, Levy; Lopes, Amauri; Attux, Romis; Von Zuben, Fernando J-Artigo de periódico
2017Gaussian Processes for Source Separation in overdetermined Bilinear MixturesFantinato, Denis G.; Duarte, Leonardo T.; Rivet, Bertrand; Ehsandoust, Bahram; Attux, Romis; Jutten, Christian-Artigo
2019A second-order statistics method for blind source separation in post-nonlinear mixturesFantinato, Denis G.; Duarte, Leonardo T.; Deville, Yannick; Attux, Romis; Jutten, Christian; Neves, Aline-Artigo
Oct-2019Application of multi-objective optimization to blind source separationPelegrina, Guilherme Dean; Attux, Romis; Duarte, Leonardo Tomazeli-Artigo
2014A Michigan-like immune-inspired framework for performing independent component analysis over Galois fields of prime orderSilva, Daniel G.; Nadalin, Everton Z.; Coelho, Guilherme P.; Duarte, Leonardo T.; Suyama, Ricardo; Attux, Romis; Von Zuben, Fernando J.; Montalvão, Jugurta-Artigo
2017A joint second-order statistics and density matching-based approach for separation of post-nonlinear mixturesFantinato, Denis G.; Duarte, Leonardo T.; Zanini, Paolo; Rivet, Bertrand; Attux, Romis; Jutten, Christian-Artigo
2016Nonlinear Blind Source Separation For Chemical Sensor Arrays Based On A Polynomial RepresentationAndo, Rafael Assato; Jutten, Christian; Rivet, Bertrand; Attux, Romis; Duarte, Leonardo Tomazeli-Artigo
2014An MSE-based theoretical limit to the performance of linear source extraction and equalization methods in undermodeled scenariosNadalin, Everton Z.; Attux, Romis; Romano, João M. T.; Duarte, Leonardo T.; Suyama, Ricardo-Artigo
2014Blind source separation for overdetermined linear quadratic mixtures of bandlimited signalsAndo, Rafael Assato; Duarte, Leonardo Tomazeli; Attux, Romis-Artigo
2019Online control of a robotic manipulator by a brain computer interface based on SSVEPVargas, Guilherme V.; Takeda, Romeu Y.; Leite, Harlei M. A.; Costa, Thiago B. S.; Attux, Romis; Carvalho, Sarah N.-Artigo
2017A novel blind source separation method based on monotonic functions and its application to ion-selective electrode arraysDuarte, Leonardo T.; Suyama, Ricardo; Attux, Romis; Romano, João Marcos T.; Jutten, Christian-Artigo
2017EEG sensorimotor rhythms' variation and functional connectivity measures during motor imagery: linear relations and classification approachesStefano Filho, Carlos A.; Attux, Romis; Castellano, Gabriela-Artigo
2014Self-organization and lateral interaction in echo state network reservoirsBoccato, Levy; Attux, Romis; Von Zuben, Fernando J.-Artigo
2016Analysis of ITL criteria in the context of FIR channel equalizationBoccato, Levy; Fantinato, Denis; Silva, Daniel; Ferrari, Rafael; Neves, Aline; Attux, Romis-Artigo
2018Analysis of the normalized LMS optimum solution in the context of channel equalizationBoccato, Levy; Ferrari, Rafael; Attux, Romis-Artigo
2020Channel equalization based on decision treesBaptista, David; Ferrari, Rafael; Attux, Romis-Artigo
2014Otimização multimodal baseada em clusterizaçãoPrampero, Paulo Sérgio; Boccato, Levy; Attux, Romis-Artigo
2015Comparative analysis of strategies for feature extraction and classification in SSVEP BCIsCarvalho, Sarah N.; Costa, Thiago B. S.; Uribe, Luisa F. S.; Soriano, Diogo C.; Yared, Glauco F. G.; Coradine, Luis C.; Attux, Romis-Artigo
2018Analysis of a novel density matching criterion within the ITL framework for blind channel equalizationFantinato, Denis G.; Neves, Aline; Attux, Romis-Artigo