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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Esr Of Trapped Centers In γ Irradiated Silver Chlorates Single Crystals
Author: Da Silva E.C.
Gualberto G.M.
Rettori C.
Vargas H.
Foglio M.E.
Barberis G.E.
Abstract: The paramagnetic centers O3-, ClO2, and (ClO2-Cl)- have been identified in irradiated AgClO 3 single crystals by X and Q band ESR experiments at room temperatures and by the optical absorption bands at 480 and 360 nm, characteristic of the first two centers, respectively. The ESR spectrum and its angular dependence show that the first two centers have two magnetically inequivalent sites per unit cell. The third center was clearly observed only at certain orientations. The data for ClO2 show that the principal directions of the g and A tensors do not coincide; the two magnetically inequivalent sites have similar principal values of the g and A tensors related by a 90° rotation about the tetragonal crystal axis of symmetry, and can therefore be assumed to be chemically equivalent. It is found that the ClO 2 center is formed substitutionally in the ClO3- ion position, but that the ozonide O3- is not. The thermal annealing of the γ irradiated AgClO3 has revealed an increase in the concentration of the O3- radical that seems to be connected with the simultaneous destruction of the ClO2 center. Copyright © 1976 American Institute of Physics.
Citation: The Journal Of Chemical Physics. , v. 65, n. 9, p. 3461 - 3467, 1976.
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 1976
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