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Type: Patente
Title: Use Of Phthalimide And/or Sulphonamide Derivatives In The Treatment Of Diseases Which Require Reducing The Tnf-alpha Levels And An Exogenous Source Of Nitric Oxide, Phthalimide Derivatives, Sulphonamide Derivatives, And A Method For Obtaining A Sulphonamide Derivative
Author: Dos Santos Jean Leandro [br]
Chung Man Chin [br]
Moreira Lima Lidia [br]
Ferreira Costa Fernando [br]
Lanaro Carolina [br]
Abstract: The present invention refers to the use of phthalimide and/or sulphonamide derivatives with nitric oxide donor properties, which have important activities in increasing the gammaglobin gene expression and anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities, effective in the treatment of hematologic diseases which require reducing the TNF-cc levels and an exogenous source of nitric oxide. More particularly, the present invention describes the use of such phthalimide and/or sulphonamide derivatives for the treatment of sickle-cell disease. The invention also has as a novel characteristic the disclosure of new functionalized phthalimide derivatives designed from the prototypes thalidomide and hydroxyurea, and designed rationally through the strategy of molecular hybridization for the treatment of said diseases. The invention still discloses a new method for obtaining a specific sulphonamide derivative which can be used in the preparation of a drug for the treatment of diseases which require reducing the levels of the TNF-cc factor and an exogenous source of nitric oxide.
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Date Issue: 23-Dec-2010
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