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20-Jun-2011Use Of Phthalimide And/or Sulphonamide Derivatives In The Treatment Of Diseases Which Require Reducing The Tnf-a Levels And An Exogenous Source Of Nitric Oxide, Phthalimide Derivatives, Sulphonamide Derivatives, And A Method For Obtaining A SulphonamDos Santos Jean Leandro [br]; Chung Man Chin [br]; Lanaro Carolina [br]; Ferreira Costa Fernando [br]; Moreira Lima Lidia [br]-Patente
20-Jun-2011Aluminum Phosphate Or Polyphosphate Compositions Prior Related ApplicationsGalembeck Fernando [br]; Sales Barbosa Cesar Augusto [br]; Braga Melissa [br]-Patente
18-Mar-2014Genes Associated To Sucrose ContentSouza Glaucia Mendes; Papini-terzi Flavia Stal; Waclawovsky Alessandro Jaquiel; Vencio Ricardo Zorzetto Nicollielo; Marques Joselia Oliveira; Felix Juliana De Maria; Teixeira Marcelo Menossi; Buckeridge Marcos; De Souza Amanda Pereira; Ulian Eugenio Cesar; Rocha Flavia Riso-Patente
20-May-2010Preparation Of Aluminum Phosphate Or Polyphosphate ParticlesDe Brito Joao [br]; Galembeck Fernando [br]; Rosseto Renato [br]; Mastrangelo Amaro Dos Santos Adamo Cesar [br]-Patente
20-Oct-2012Vegetable-fat Food Compound Containing Cottonseed OilGrimaldi Renato [br]; Guaraldo Goncalves Lireny Aparecida [br]; Moreira Dos Santos Maria Cristina [br]-Patente
25-Feb-2013Fast Three-phase Reclosing Method In Shunt Reactor Compensated Transmission LinesTavares Maria Cristina Dias [br]; Valero Patricia Mestas [br]-Patente
29-Feb-2012Fast Three-phase Reclosing Method In Shunt Reactor Compensated Transmission LinesDias Tavares Maria Cristina [br]; Valero Patricia Mestas [br]-Patente
27-Jun-2014Coating Compositions With Anticorrosion PropertiesGalembeck Fernando[br]; Foscante Raymond E[us]; Braga Melissa[br]-Patente
8-Sep-2011Use Of Aluminum Phosphate, Polyphosphate And Metaphosphate Particles In Paper Coating ApplicationsFernando Galembeck; Klass Charles P-Patente
29-Nov-2013Coating Compositions With Anticorrosion PropertiesFoscante Raymond E [us]; Galembeck Fernando [br]; Braga Melissa [br]-Patente