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dc.contributor.CRUESPUniversidade Estadual de Campinaspt_BR
dc.typeArtigo de periódicopt_BR
dc.titleIL2 and TNFA gene polymorphisms and the risk of graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantationpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorViel, DOpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorTsuneto, LTpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorSossai, CRpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorLieber, SRpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorMarques, SBDpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorVigorito, ACpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorAranha, FJPpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorEid, KADBpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorOliveira, GBpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorMiranda, ECMpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorde Souza, CApt_BR
dc.contributor.authorVisentainer, JELpt_BR
unicamp.authorUniv Estadual Maringa, Dept Anal Clin, Lab Imunogenet, BR-87020900 Maringa, Parana, Brazil Univ Estadual Campinas, Ctr Hematol & Hemoterapia, Campinas, SP, Brazilpt_BR
dc.subject.wosPromoter Polymorphismspt_BR
dc.subject.wosBiallelic Polymorphismspt_BR
dc.subject.wosIl-6 Genept_BR
dc.description.abstractThis study aimed to analyse the association of gene polymorphisms with the outcome of allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. We studied 122 donor/recipient pairs who received HLA-identical transplants from siblings at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil, between June 1996 and June 2006. Donor/recipient alleles for TNFA-238 and IL2-330/+166 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) were analysed by PCR-SSP. No association was observed between the risk of acute graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) and these SNP. However, our findings suggest that the polymorphism of promoter gene TNFA-238GA is associated with the occurrence and severity of chronic GVHD. The probability of chronic GVHD in patients with GA genotype at position -238 of TNFA gene is 91.7% in contrast to 59.4% in patients with GG genotype (P = 0.038). In patients with donor GA genotype the probability of chronic GVHD is 90.8%, and 57.9% in patients with donor GG genotype (P = 0.038). The probability of extensive chronic GVHD in patients with TNFA-238GA is 91.7% compared with 46.3% in patients with TNFA-238GG (P = 0.0046). In patients with donor GA genotype at position -238 of the TNFA gene, it is 81.7%, compared with 44.5% in patients with donor GG genotype (P = 0.016). However, further studies with more patients are required to identify cytokine gene polymorphisms and their association with transplant-related complication in Brazil, particularly due to ethnic background, the relatively low power of detection of genetic markers of this study, and the complexity of the MHC
dc.relation.ispartofScandinavian Journal Of Immunologypt_BR
dc.relation.ispartofabbreviationScand. J. Immunol.pt_BR
dc.publisherBlackwell Publishingpt_BR
dc.identifier.citationScandinavian Journal Of Immunology. Blackwell Publishing, v. 66, n. 6, n. 703, n. 710, 2007.pt_BR
dc.sourceWeb of Sciencept_BR
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