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Type: Artigo
Title: Multicaloric effect in a multiferroic composite of Gd-5(Si,Ge)(4) microparticles embedded into a ferroelectric PVDF matrix
Author: Andrade, V. M.
Amirov, A.
Yusupov, D.
Pimentel, B.
Barroca, N.
Pires, A. L.
Belo, J. H.
Pereira, A. M.
Valente, M. A.
Araujo, J. P.
Reis, M. S.
Abstract: The coupling between electric, magnetic and elastic features in multiferroic materials is an emerging field in materials science, with important applications on alternative solid-state cooling technologies, energy harvesting and sensors/actuators. In this direction, we developed a thorough investigation of a multiferroic composite, comprising magnetocaloric/magnetostrictive Gd5Si2.4Ge1.6 microparticles blended into a piezo- and pyroelectric poly(vinylidene) fluoride (PVDF) matrix. Using a simple solvent casting technique, the formation and stabilization of PVDF electroactive phases are improved when the filler content increases from 2 to 12 weight fraction (wt.%). This effect greatly contributes to the magnetoelectric (ME) coupling, with the ME coefficient alpha(ME) increasing from 0.3 V/cm.Oe to 2.2 V/cm.Oe, by increasing the amount of magnetic material. In addition, magnetic measurements revealed that the ME-coupling has influenced the magnetocaloric effect via a contribution from the electroactive polymer and hence leading to a multicaloric effect. These results contribute to the development of multifunctional systems for novel technologies.
Subject: Efeito magnetocalórico
Refrigeração magnética
Magnetocaloric effect
Magnetic cooling
Country: Reino Unido
Editor: Nature Publishing Group
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-54635-8
Date Issue: 2019
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