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2006Langerhans cell histiocytosis and its relationship with epstein-barr virusSchenka A.A.; Soares F.A.; Andrade, Liliana Aparecida Lucci de Angelo; Cardinalli I.A.; Azevedo A.C. de; Amstalden E.M.I.; Vassallo J.; Cintra M.L.; Brandalise S.R.-Outros documentos
2014The impact of preoperative anti-tnf in surgical and infectious complications of abdominal procedures for crohn's disease: controversy still persistsCoy C.S.; Kotze P.G.-Outros documentos
1991Decreased insulin response to glucose in sickle cell traitBraga, G.S.; Saad S.T.O.; Saad M.J.A.-Outros documentos
2014Time Series Classification With Motifs And CharacteristicsMaletzke, A.G.; Coy, C.S.R.; Alves, Batista G.E.A.P.; Lee, H.D.; Chung, W.F.; Fagundes, J.J.-Outros documentos
2011Corrigendum to "Effect of the synthetic coumarin, ethyl 2-oxo-2h-chromene-3-carboxylate, on activity of crotalus durissus ruruima Spla2 as well as on edema and platelet aggregation induced by this factor" [toxicon 55 (8) (2010) 1527-1530]Fonsecae, F.V.; Baldissera, L.; Toyama, D.O.; Camargo, E.A.; Cotrim, C.A.; Diz Filho, E.B.S.; Correa, A.G.; Alvim, J.; Beriam, L.O.S.; Toyama, M.H.; Antunes, E.-Outros documentos
2014Long-term follow-up of patients with 46,xy partial gonadal dysgenesis reared as malesMarques-de-Faria, Antonia Paula; Maciel-Guerra, Andréa Trevas; Guerra-Júnior, Gil; Mello, Maricilda Palandi de; Fabbri, Helena Campos; Andrade, Juliana Gabriel Ribeiro de-Outros documentos
2017Wt1 Haploinsufficiency Supports Milder Renal Manifestation In Two Patients With Denys-drash SyndromeGuaragna, Mara S.; Andrade, Juliana G. Ribeiro de; Carli, Barbara de Freitas; Belangero, Vera M. S.; Maciel-Guerra, Andrea T.; Guerra -Junior, Gil; Mello, Maricilda P. de-Outros documentos
2016Evaluation Of The Serum Levels Of The Incretins (glp-1 And Gip) And Dpp-iv In Crohn's DiseaseMagro, Daniela; Calixto, Antonio; Vasques, Ana Carolina; Martinez, Carlos Augusto; Rossi, Debora Helena; Geloneze, Bruno; Pareja, Jose; Coy, Claudio-Outros documentos
2015Peripheral effects of opiates agonist in isolated corpus cavernosumRodrigues, R.; de Oliveira, M.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.; Monica,F.-Outros documentos
2015Effect of soluble guanylate cyclase modulators, bay 60-2770 and bay 41-2272 in isolated corpus cavernosum from normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive ratsEstancial, C.; Antunes, E.; Rodrigues, R.; Barbosa, A.; Monica, F.-Outros documentos