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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
Mar-2019Pigments in an iridescent bacterium, cellulophaga fucicola, isolated from AntarcticaSilva, Tiago R.; Canela-Garayoa, Ramon; Eras, Jordi; Rodrigues, Marili V. N.; Santos, Fábio N. dos; Eberlin, Marcos N.; Neri-Numa, Iramaia A.; Pastore, Glaucia M.; Tavares, Renata S. N.; Debonsi, Hosana M.; Cordeiro, Lorena R. G.; Rosa, Luiz H.; Oliveira, Valéria M.-Artigo
2019Trends and perspective on future developments in liquid chromatographyGrespan Bottoli, Carla Beatriz-Outro documento
2019Synthesis of hybrid monolithic columns using a click chemistry reaction for application in capillary liquid chromatographySchmidt, Marcella E. P.; Bottoli, Carla B. G.-Artigo
2020Simultaneous microextraction of carbendazim, fipronil and picoxystrobin in naturally and artificial occurring water bodies by water-induced supramolecular solvent and determination by HPLC-DADScheel, G.L.; Teixeira Tarley, C.R.-Artigo
Jun-2019Sensitive simultaneous determination of o-nitrophenol and p-nitrophenol in water by surfactant-mediated differential pulse voltammetryCapelari, Tainara Boareto; Pereira, Arnaldo Cesar; Oliveira, Leandro Luan Gonçalves de; Tarley, Cesar Ricardo Teixeira-Artigo
2019Evaluation of the cytotoxicity on breast cancer cell of extracts and compounds isolated from Hyptis pectinata (L.) poitSantana, Fernanda R.; Luna-Dulcey, Liany; Antunes, Victor U.; Tormena, Claudio F.; Cominetti, Marcia R.; Duart, Marcelo C.; da Silva, James A.-Artigo