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2019MRI endophenotypes of heritability and cognitive dysfunction in juvenile myoclonic epilepsyCendes, Fernando; Cascino, Gregory D.-Editorial
2019Nociceptive pulmonary-cardiac reflexes : role of autonomic nervous system and hypertensionRuberti, Olivia Moraes; Feriani, Daniele Jardim-Editorial
2019Mitochondrial bioenergetics and quality control mechanisms in health and diseaseFerreira, Julio C. B.; Mori, Marcelo A.; Gross, Eric R.-Editorial
2012Thalassemia major phenotypes secondary to the association of β 5′UTR +20(C→T) allele with β 39(C→T)Fattori, André; Fertrin, Kleber Y.; Albuquerque, Dulcinéia M.; Bezerra, Marcos A. C.; Santos, Magnun N. N. dos; Castro, Simone M.; Costa, Fernando F.-Editorial
2014Recent advances on evolving intelligent systems and applicationsGomide, Fernando; Lughofer, Edwin-Editorial
2016Editorial: advances in microalgae biology and sustainable applicationsWinck, Flavia V.; Riano-Pachon, Diego M.; Franco, Telma T.-Editorial
2020Continuing education in oral cancer during coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19) outbreakCruz Perez, Danyel Elias da; Passos, Kamilla Karla Maurício; Machado, Renato Assis; Martelli Junior, Hercílio; Bonan, Paulo Rogério Ferreti-Editorial
2020COVID-19 outbreak: what should be done to avoid food shortages?Farias, David de Paulo; Gomes, Mayara Germana dos Santos-Editorial
2016Interactions between RAD51 rs1801321 and maternal cigarette smoking as risk factor for nonsyndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palateMachado, Renato Assis; Moreira, Helenara Salvati Bertolossi; Aquino, Sibele Nascimento de; Martelli-Junior, Hercilio; Reis, Silvia Regina de Almeida; Persuhn, Darlene Camati; Wu, Tao; Yuan, Yuan; Coletta, Ricardo D.-Editorial
2016Desbuquois dysplasia type II in a patient with a homozygous mutation in XYLT1 and new unusual findingsSilveira, Cynthia; Leal, Gabriela F.; Cavalcanti, Denise P.-Editorial