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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2017Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption/ionization Imaging Mass Spectrometry For The Spatial Location Of Feline Oviductal ProteinsApparicio; M.; Santos; V. G.; Rocha; D. F. O.; Ferreira; C. R.; Macente; B. I.; Magalhaes; G. M.; Alves; A. E.; Motheo; T. F.; Padilha-Nakaghi; L. C.; Pires-Buttler; E. A.; Luvoni; G. C.; Eberlin; M. N.; Vicente; W. R. R.-Congresso
20163d Isotropic To Via ParametrizationJunqueira; Mateus A. F. C.; Gabrielli; Lucas H.; Mejia; Felipe B.; Spadoti; Danilo H.-Congresso
2016A Comparative Study Of Sycl, Opencl, And Openmpda Silva; Hercules Cardoso; Pisani; Flavia; Borin; Edson-Congresso
2016Towards Web Spam Filtering Using A Classifier Based On The Minimum Description Length PrincipleSilva; Renato M.; Yamakami; Akebo; Almeida; Tiago A.-Congresso
2016Plasma-treated Multilayer Graphene: Synthesis And ApplicationsGelamo; Rogerio V.; Augusto; Gabriel de S.; Machuno; Luis G. B.; Moshkalev; Stanislav; Vaz; Alfredo R.; Rout; Chandra S.; Sahoo; Surjit-Congresso
2016Py-pits: A Scalable Python Runtime System For The Computation Of Partially Idempotent TasksBorin; Edson; Benedicto; Caian; Rodrigues; Ian L.; Pisani; Flavia; Tygel; Martin; Breternitz; Mauricio; Jr.-Congresso
2016Design Methodology For Low-noise Cmos Transimpedance Amplifiers Based On Shunt-shunt Feedback TopologyPonchet; A. F.; Bastida; E. M.; Finardi; C. A.; Panepucci; R. R.; Tenenbaum; S.; Finco; S.; Swart; J. W.-Congresso
2016A New Approach To The Discretization Of Multidimensional ScalingGramacho; W.; Mucherino; A.; Lin; J-H.; Lavor; C.-Congresso