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2016Temporal Frequent Value LocalityOrosa; Lois; Azevedo; Rodolfo-Congresso
2016Evaluation Of Metal Affinity Of Ag+, Cd2+, Cr3+, Cu2+, Ni2+, Zn2+ And Pb2+ In Residue Of Double Alginate Extraction From Sargassum Filipendula SeaweedCardoso; Saulo L.; Moino; Barbara P.; Costa; Camila S. D.; da Silva; Meuris G. C.; Vieira; Melissa G. A.-Congresso
2016Optical Fiber Tactile Sensor For User InterfacesFujiwara; Eric; Paula; Francine D.; Wu; Yu Tzu; Santos; Murilo F. M.; Suzuki; Carlos K.-Congresso
2016Optical Myography System For Posture MonitoringWu; Yu Tzu; Fujiwara; Eric; Suzuki; Carlos K.-Congresso
2016Managing Qos Constraints In A P2p-cloud Video On Demand SystemGranja; Elias de O.; Jr.; Bittencourt; Luiz F.; Petri; Ioan; Rana; Omer F.; Melo; Cesar A. V.-Congresso
2016Thz Solar Observations On Board Of A Trans-antarctic Stratospheric Balloon FlightKaufmann; P.; Abrantes; A.; Bortolucci; E. C.; Caspi; A.; Fernandes; L. O. T.; Kropotov; G.; Kudaka; A. S.; Laurent; G.; Machado; N.; Marcon; R.; Marun; A.; Nicolaev; V.; Hidalgo Ramirez; R. F.; Raulin; J. -P.; Saint-Hilaire; P.; Shih; A.; Silva; C. M.; Timofeevsky; A.-Congresso
20163d Isotropic To Via ParametrizationJunqueira; Mateus A. F. C.; Gabrielli; Lucas H.; Mejia; Felipe B.; Spadoti; Danilo H.-Congresso
2016Automatic Calibration Of Low Cost Inertial Gyroscopes With A PtuDelgado; J.; V; Silva; P. R. M.; Quiroz; C. H. C.; Kurka; P. R. G.-Congresso
2016A Comparative Study Of Sycl, Opencl, And Openmpda Silva; Hercules Cardoso; Pisani; Flavia; Borin; Edson-Congresso
2016Electrolyte-insulator-semiconductor Structure (eis) With Tio2 Thin Film For Pb+ DetectingCesar; R. R.; Barros; A. D.; Doi; I.; Diniz; J. A.; Swart; J. W.-Congresso