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1997Modelling Of A Slurry Bubble Column Reactor Applied To The Hydroconversion Of Heavy OilsCarbonell M.M.; Guirardello R.-Artigo de evento
1997Critical Evaluation Of Gas Standards Based On HydrogenNeves Jr. N.P.; Collins C.H.-Artigo de evento
1997Evaluating The Use Of Thermal Roof Painting For Poultry HousingSevegnani K.B.; Naas I.A.; Silva I.J.O.; Palumbo F.-Artigo de evento
1997Hplc Determination Of Carminic Acid In Foodstuffs And Beverages Using Diode Array And Fluorescence DetectionCarvalho P.R.N.; Collins J.C.H.-Artigo de evento
1997Il-12 Enhances Proliferation Of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells From Chagas' Disease Patients To Trypanosoma Cruzi AntigenDe Barros-Mazon S.; Guariento M.E.; De Almeida Abrahamsohn I.A.-Artigo de evento
1997The Spatial Distribution Of Poly(methyloctylsiloxane) Deposited By Solvent Evaporation In The Pores Of Hplc Silica ParticlesCollins K.E.; Granja M.L.M.M.; Pereira R.G.; Anazawa T.A.; Jardim C.S.F.-Artigo de evento
1997Determination Of The Equivalent Temperature Index (eti) For Semi-confined Holstein CowsLalon L.A.; Naas I.A.; Moura D.J.; Palumbo F.-Artigo de evento
1997Complete Amino Acid Sequence Of An Asp49 Phospholipase A2 From Bothrops Erythromelas VenomPrado-Franceschi J.; Flores C.A.; Moreno S.E.; Cogo J.C.; Hyslop S.; Giglio J.R.; Bloch C. Jr.; Morhy L.-Artigo de evento
1997H2 Norm Optimization With Constrained Dynamic Output Feedback Controllers: Decentralized And Reliable ControlGeromel J.C.; Bernussou J.M.; de Oliveira M.C.-Artigo de evento
1997Optimal Phase-locked Loop Design With Kalman Predictors For Synchronous NetworksHirchoren Gustavo A.; Arantes Dalton S.-Artigo de evento