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2014Expanding Frequency Comb By Means Of Enhanced Multiple Four-wave MixingMelo S.A.S.; Do Nascimento Jr. A.R.; Cerqueira S. Jr. A.; Carvalho L.H.H.; Pataca D.M.; Oliveira J.C.R.F.-Artigo de evento
2014Thermal Considerations In Electrically-pumped Metallo-dielectric NanolasersShane J.; Gu Q.; Vallini F.; Wingad B.; Smalley J.S.T.; Frateschi N.C.; Fainman Y.-Artigo de evento
2014Analysis And Characterization Of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers For Application In Photonic Switching NetworksRudge Barbosa F.; Maia D.; Moschim E.-Artigo de evento
2011Optical And Physical Properties Of Er3+-yb3+ Co-doped Tellurite FibersNarro-Garcia R.; Chillcce E.F.; Miranda A.R.; Giehl J.M.; Barbosa L.C.; Rodriguez E.; Arronte M.-Artigo de evento
2011Micro-size Tapered Silica Fibers For Sensing ApplicationsRamos Gonzales R.E.; Chillcce E.F.; Barbosa L.C.-Artigo de evento
2011Behavioral Analysis Of Malicious Code Through Network Traffic And System Call MonitoringGregio A.R.A.; Fernandes Filho D.S.; Afonso V.M.; Santosc R.D.C.; Jinob M.; De Geusb P.L.-Artigo de evento
2011Visualization Techniques For Malware Behavior AnalysisGregio A.R.A.; Santos R.D.C.-Artigo de evento
2011Linear Formulation To Avoid Adjacent Channel Interference In Ltd Of Optical NetworksAssis K.D.R.; Savasini M.S.; Santos A.F.-Artigo de evento
2012Influence Of The Growing Parameters On The Size Distribution Of Pbte Nanoparticles Produced By Laser Ablation Under Inert Gas AtmosphereAlmeida D.B.; Rodriguez E.; Agouram S.; Moreira R.S.; Cesar C.L.; Jimenez E.; Barbosa L.C.-Artigo de evento
2012Bend Loss Insensitive All-solid Optical FiberAvila L.F.; Chillcce E.F.; Barbosa L.C.-Artigo de evento