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2016A Model-based Approach To Identify Classes And Respective Cutoffs Of The Brazilian Household Food Insecurity Measurement ScaleReichenheim; ME; Interlenghi; GS; Moraes; CL; Segall-Correa; AM; Perez-Escamilla; R; Salles-Costa; R-Artigo de Periódico
2016Improving A Variation Of The Dsc Technique For Measuring The Boiling Points Of Pure Compounds At Low PressuresTroni; KL; Damaceno; DS; Ceriani; R-Artigo de Periódico
2016A Practical Approach For Measurement Of Antihypertensive Medication Adherence In Patients With Resistant HypertensionCorrea; NB; de Faria; AP; Ritter; AMV; Sabbatini; AR; Almeida; A; Brunelli; V; Calhoun; DA; Moreno; H; Modolo; R-Artigo de Periódico
2016A New Methodology For The Optimal Charging Coordination Of Electric Vehicles Considering Vehicle-to-grid TechnologyAntunez; CS; Franco; JF; Rider; MJ; Romero; R-Artigo de Periódico
2016Application Of Coupled Substrate Aging And Tio2 Nanotube Crystallization Heat Treatments In Cold-rolled Ti-nb-sn AlloysCremasco; A; Lopes; ESN; Bertazzoli; R; Caram; R-Artigo de Periódico
2016Phema Hydrogels Synthesis, Kinetics And In Vitro TestsPassos; MF; Dias; DRC; Bastos; GNT; Jardini; AL; Benatti; ACB; Dias; CGBT; Maciel; R-Artigo de Periódico
2016Theoretical And Experimental Identification Of The Simultaneous Occurrence Of Unbalance And Shaft Bow In A Laval RotorSanches; FD; Pederiva; R-Artigo de Periódico
2016The Influence Of Cutting Forces On Surface Roughness In The Milling Of Curved Hardened Steel SurfacesNeto; HK; Diniz; AE; Pederiva; R-Artigo de Periódico
2016Performance Evaluation Of A Vapor Injection Refrigeration System Using Mixture Refrigerant R290/r600ad'Angelo; JVH; Aute; V; Radermacher; R-Artigo de Periódico
2016Surface Stiffness Gradient In Ti Parts Obtained By Laser Surface Alloying With Cu And NbFogagnolo; JB; Rodrigues; AV; Sallica-Leva; E; Lima; MSF; Caram; R-Artigo de Periódico