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2020Effect of microstructure features on the corrosion behavior of the Sn-2.1 wt%Mg solder alloyCruz, Clarissa; Lima, Thiago; Soares, Marco; Freitas, Emmanuelle; Fujiwara, Eric; Garcia, Amauri; Cheung, Noé-Artigo
2019Effects of macrosegregation and microstructure on the corrosion resistance and hardness of a directionally solidified Zn-5.0wt.%Mg alloyVida, T.A.; Soares, T.; Septimio, R.S.; Brito, C.C.; Cheung, N.; Garcia, A.-Artigo
2020Correlation between unsteady-state solidification thermal parameters and microstructural growth of Zn–8 mass% Al and Zn–8 mass% Al–XBi tribological alloysSeptimio, Rudimylla S.; Costa, ·Thiago A.; Silva, Cássio A. P.; Vida, Talita A.; Damborenea, Juan de; Garcia, Amauri; Cheung, Noé-Artigo
2020Interplay of wettability, interfacial reaction and interfacial thermal conductance in Sn-0.7Cu solder alloy/substrate couplesSoares, Thiago; Cruz, Clarissa; Silva, Bismarck; Brito, Crystopher; Garcia, Amauri; Spinelli, José Eduardo; Cheung, Noé-Artigo
2019Cellular-to-dendritic and dendritic-to-cellular morphological transitions in a ternary al-mg-si alloyBrito, C.; Nguyen-Thi, H.; Mangelinck-Noël, N.; Cheung, N.; Spinelli, J.E.; Garcia, A.-Artigo
2020The role of eutectic colonies in the tensile properties of a Sn–Zn eutectic solder alloyRamos, Lidiane Silva; Reyes, Rodrigo Valenzuela; Gomes, Leonardo Fernandes; Garcia, Amauri; Spinelli, José Eduardo; Silva, Bismarck Luiz-Artigo
2020A comparison of experimental time-secondary dendritic spacing and coarsening models for Al-Si-Cu alloysDonadoni, Bruno; Gouveia, Guilherme Lisboa de; Garcia, Amauri; Spinelli, José Eduardo-Artigo
2020Dendritic spacing and macrosegregation affecting microhardness of an al-si-mg alloy solidified under unsteady state conditionsSilva, Cássio da; Soares, Thiago; Cheung, Noé; Garcia, Amauri; Reis, Danieli A. P.; Brito, Crystopher-Artigo
2020Plate-like growth in a eutectic Bi–Ni alloy : effects of morphological microstructure evolution and Bi3Ni intermetallic phase on tensile propertiesCruz, Clarissa; Lima, Thiago; Kakitani, Rafael; Barros, André; Garcia, Amauri; Cheung, Noé-Artigo
2020Effects of solidification thermal parameters and Bi doping on silicon size, morphology and mechanical properties of Al-15wt.% Si-3.2wt.% Bi and Al-18wt.% Si-3.2wt.% Bi alloysDias, Marcelino; Oliveira, Ricardo; Kakitani, Rafael; Cheung, Noé; Henein, Hani; Spinelli, José Eduardo; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo