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2014Comment on ‘Practical advice for avoidance of pain associated with insertion of intrauterine contraceptives’: authors’ responseBahamondes, Luis; Mansour, Diana; Fiala, Christian; Kaunitz, Andrew M.; Gemzell-Danielsson, Kristina-Editorial
2014Supercritical fluid technology in analytical chemistryRostagno, Mauricio A.-Editorial
2014Recent trends in integrated biorefineries development for sustainable productionSantos, Diego T.; Ensinas, Adriano V.; Chandel, Anuj K.; Maréchal, François; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Editorial
2014Otoneurological evaluation: Current good practiceGonçalves, D. U.; Ganança, F. F.; Bottino, M. A.; Greters, M. E.; Ganança, M. M.; Mezzalirah, R.; Bittar, R. S. M.; Albertino, S.-Editorial
2014Changing paradigms in treatment of larynx cancerChone, Carlos Takahiro-Editorial
2014Editorial: diversity of marine meiofauna on the coast of BrazilFonseca, Gustavo; Norenburg, Jon; Di Domenico, Maikon-Editorial
2014Relationship of left ventricular hypertrophy, age, and renal artery stenosisBarbaro, Natalia Ruggeri; Fontana, Vanessa; Moreno, Heitor-Editorial
2014Unfavorable outcomes during treatment of multiple sclerosis with high doses of vitamin DFragoso, Yara Dadalti; Adoni, Tarso; Damasceno, Alfredo; Damasceno, Carlos Augusto de Albuquerque; Ferreira, Maria Lucia Brito; Finkelzstejn, Alessandro; Gomes, Sidney; Goncalves, Marcus Vinicius Magno; Grzesiuk, Anderson Kuntz; Mendes, Suellen Linse Maria Fernanda; Oliveira, Francisco Tomaz Meneses de; Parolin, Monica Fiuza Konke; Rocha, Cristiane Franklin; Tauil, Carlos Bernardo-Editorial
2014Botulinum toxin — how a poison turned to a fascinating ally against an old adversaryQuagliato, Elizabeth M. A. Barasnevicius-Editorial
2016Cochlear implantation in elderly adultsPauna, Henrique F.; Carvalho, Guilherme M. de; Guimarães, Alexandre C.-Editorial