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2001Potential Energy Surface For The Photoelectron Spectrum Of [ch3ohbr]-Morgon N.H.; Riveros J.M.Artigo de evento
2001Structure Activity Relationship Between Calculated Molecular Properties And Biological Activities Against Leishmania Donovani Of The Natural Neolignan Analogues Studied With Pattern Recognition Techniques: A Possible Explanation For The Activity/inactivity Of Some NeolignansCosta M.C.A.; Freitas L.C.G.; Barata L.E.S.; Takahata Y.Artigo de periódico
2001Qsar Study Of Anti-ulcer Compounds Using Calculated ParametersGrunheidt Borges E.; Takahata Y.Artigo de evento
2001Application Of The Method Of Continued Fractions To Multichannel Studies On Electron-impact Excitation Of The B1∑u +, C1Πu And E(f)1∑g + States In H2Machado A.M.; Taveira A.M.A.; Brescansin L.M.; Lee M.-T.Artigo de periódico
2001Investigation Of Geometry And Some Electronic Properties Of Aza Analogues Of The Ellipticine And Olivacine DerivativesCarvalho A.C.M.; Laks B.Artigo de evento
2005Phase Separation And Ordering In Cubic Ternary And Quaternary Nitride AlloysScolfaro L.M.R.; Teles L.K.; Marques M.; Ferreira L.G.; Leite J.R.Capítulo de livro
2005Characterization Of A New Stationary Phase Based On Microwave Immobilized Polybutadiene On Titanium Oxide-modified SilicaMorais L.S.R.; Jardim I.C.S.F.Artigo de evento
2005Optimal Asynchronous Garbage Collection For Rdt Checkpointing ProtocolsSchmidt R.; Garcia I.C.; Pedone F.; Buzato L.E.Artigo de evento
2005Comparing Accessibility Evaluation And Usability Evaluation In HagáquêTanaka E.H.; Bim S.A.; Da Rocha H.V.Artigo de evento
2005Accessibility As A Quality Requirement: Geographic Information Systems On The WebSchimiguel J.; Melo A.M.; Baranauskas M.C.C.; Medeiros C.B.Artigo de evento