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2016As Ciências Humanas Servem Para Alguma Coisa?Queler J.J.-Resenha
2016Mesh Surgery For Anterior Vaginal Wall Prolapse: A Meta-analysisJuliato C.R.T.; do Santos Júnior L.C.; Haddad J.M.; Castro R.A.; Lima M.; de Castro E.B.-Resenha
2015Superar O Capitalismo Por Meio Das Fissuras De John HollowayLalo Watanabe Minto-Resenha
2016Nanodevices For The Immobilization Of Therapeutic Enzymes--Resenha
2016Musculoskeletal Analysis Of Masticatory System Arising From Malocclusion: Literature Review--Resenha
2016Dietary Interventions In Overweight And Obese Pregnant Women: A Systematic Review Of The Content, Delivery, And Outcomes Of Randomized Controlled TrialsFlynn; AC; Dalrymple; K; Barr; S; Poston; L; Goff; LM; Rogozinska; E; van Poppel; MNM; Rayanagoudar; G; Yeo; S; Carballo; RB; Perales; M; Bogaerts; A; Cecatti; JG; Dodd; J; Owens; J; Devlieger; R; Teede; H; Haakstad; L; Motahari-Tabari; N; Tonstad; S; Luoto; R; Guelfi; K; Petrella; E; Phelan; S; Scudeller; TT; Hauner; H; Renault; K; Sagedal; LR; Stafne; SN; Vinter; C; Astrup; A; Geiker; NRW; McAuliffe; FM; Mol; BW; Thangaratinam; S-Resenha
2016Is Zonal Distribution Of Index Tumor Different In Radical Prostatectomies Comparing Whites Vs African-brazilians?Billis; A; Freitas; LLL; Costa; LBE; de Angelis; CM; Carvalho; KR; Rocha; RM; Bastos; LQA; Oliveira; GLP; Asato; MA; Araujo; KS; Losada; DM; Herculiani; AP-Resenha
2016Up From Childhood: When African-american Enslaved Children Learned Of Their Servile Status--Resenha
2016The Castello Branco Government And Federation Of Industries Of The State Of São Paulo: The Basis Of The "brazilian Miracle" (1964-1967) [o Governo Castello Branco E A Federação Das Indústrias Do Estado De São Paulo: As Bases Do "milagre" (1964-1967)]--Resenha
2016Survival Of Zirconia-based Posterior Fixed Partial Prostheses: A Systematic Review Of Up To 7-year Clinical Follow-up Studies [sobrevida De Prótese Parcial Fixa Posterior Em Zircônia: Revisão Sistemática De Estudos Clínicos Com Até 7 Anos De Acompanhamento]--Resenha