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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2016CRÍTICA PÓS-COLONIAL: PANORAMA DE LEITURAS CONTEMPORÂNEASMotta; Pedro Mourão Roxo da; Barros; Nelson Filice de-Resenha
2016Women's Values And Preferences And Health State Valuations For Thromboprophylaxis During Pregnancy: A Cross-sectional Interview StudyBates; SM; Alonso-Coello; P; Tikkinen; KAO; Ebrahim; S; Lopes; LC; McDonald; SD; Zhou; Q; Akl; EA; Neumann; I; Jacobsen; AF; Zhang; YQ; Santamara; A; Annichino-Bizzacchi; JM; Sandset; PM; Bitar; W; Eckman; MH; Guyatt; GH-Resenha
2016Claudin-4 Expression In Carcinoma In Situ And Its Association With Local Recurrence, Clinical And Immunohistochemistry CharacteristicsDuarte; GM; Toucchet; F; Espinola; JP; Barreto; CR; Silva; GRP; Almeida; NR; Soares; F; Pinto; G; Marshall; P-Resenha
2016The New Digital Music Business Models And The Attention Economy [os Novos Modelos De Negócio Da Música Digital E A Economia Da Atenção]--Resenha
2016Terms Of Endearment: Bacteria Meet Graphene NanosurfacesTegou; E; Magana; M; Katsogridaki; AE; Ioannidis; A; Raptis; V; Jordan; S; Chatzipanagiotou; S; Chatzandroulis; S; Ornelas; C; Tegos; GP-Resenha
2016Control Of Nitrogen Assimilation In Plants Through S-nitrosothiolsFrungillo; L; Spoel; SH; Salgado; I-Resenha
2016Laser Ablation And Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Focusing On Bioimaging From Elemental Distribution Using Matlab Software: A Practical GuidePessoa; GD; Capelo-Martinez; JL; Fdez-Riverola; F; Lopez-Fernandez; H; Glez-Pena; D; Reboiro-Jato; M; Arruda; MAZ-Resenha
2016Survival Of Zirconia-based Posterior Fixed Partial Prostheses: A Systematic Review Of Up To 7-year Clinical Follow-up Studies [sobrevida De Prótese Parcial Fixa Posterior Em Zircônia: Revisão Sistemática De Estudos Clínicos Com Até 7 Anos De Acompanhamento]--Resenha
2016Musculoskeletal Analysis Of Masticatory System Arising From Malocclusion: Literature Review--Resenha
2016Mark P. Leone & Jocelyn E. Knauf (ed.). Historical Archaeologies Of Capitalism. 2015 (second Edition). Xv+489 Pages, Numerous Colour And B&w Illustrations. New York: Springer; 978-3-319-12759-0 Hardback $79.99.Funari; PPA-Resenha