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2016Accuracy X International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public HealthGomez-Campos; Rossana; Langer; Raquel David; Guimaraes; Roseane de Fatima; San Martini; Mariana Contiero; Cossio-Bolanos; Marco; de Arruda; Miguel; Guerra-Junior; Gil; Goncalves; Ezequiel Moreira-Congresso
2017Microbial Diversity In Degraded And Non-degraded Petroleum Samples And Comparison Across Oil Reservoirs At Local And Global ScalesSierra-Garcia; Isabel Natalia; Dellagnezze; Bruna M.; Santos; Viviane P.; Chaves B; Michel R.; Capilla; Ramses; Santos Neto; Eugenio V.; Gray; Neil; Oliveira; Valeria M.-Congresso
2016Root Cause Analysis Combined With Human Factors Engineering Tools For Adverse Events Investigation In HealthcareTsukahara; V. H. B.; Calil; S. J.-Congresso
2016Mass Spectrometry Of Atmospheric Pressure Surface Wave DischargesRidenti; M. A.; Souza-Correa; J. A.; Amorim; J.-Congresso
2016Mass Generation And The Problem Of Seagull DivergencesFigueiredo; C. T.; Aguihar; A. C.-Congresso
2016Gluon Schwinger-dyson Equation In The Pt-bfm SchemeNarciso Ferreira; A. M. S.; Aguilar; A. C.-Congresso
2016Updating An Empirical Analysis On The Proton's Central Opacity And AsymptotiaFagundes; D. A.; Menon; M. J.; Silva; P. V. R. G.-Congresso
2016Dynamical Chiral Symmetry With An Infrared Finite Gluon PropagatorCardona; J. C.; Aguilar; A. C.-Congresso
2016The Unruh Effect And Oscillating NeutrinosAhluwalia; Dharam Vir; Labun; Lance; Torrieri; Giorgio-Congresso
2016Impact Of A Magnetic Field On The Thermodynamics Of Magnetized Quark MatterFarias; R. L. S.; Timoteo; V. S.; Avancini; S.; Pinto; M. B.; Krein; G.-Congresso