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2016Quality Laboratory Issues In Bleeding DisordersAdcock; D. M.; Mammen; J.; Nair; S. C.; de Lima Montalvao; S. A.-Congresso
2016A Trajectory Simulator For Individual Movements Using Probabilistic Distribution ProfilesFrencl; Victor B.; do Val; Joao B. R.-Congresso
2016Brazilian Economic Performance Since The Emergence Of The Great Recession: The Effects Of Income Distribution On ConsumptionArestis; Philip; Baltar; Carolina Troncoso; Prates; Daniela Magalhaes-Congresso
2016Lyapunov Stability Criteria For Reacting Ionic Fluid FlowsReis; Martina Costa; Maurizio Sacchi Bassi; Adalberto Bono-Congresso
2016Stochastic Continuity Equations-a General Uniqueness ResultNeves; Wladimir; Olivera; Christian-Congresso
2016Simultaneous History-matching Approach By Use Of Reservoir-characterization And Reservoir-simulation StudiesAvansi; Guilherme Daniel; Maschio; Celio; Schiozer; Denis Jose-Congresso
2017Microbial Diversity In Degraded And Non-degraded Petroleum Samples And Comparison Across Oil Reservoirs At Local And Global ScalesSierra-Garcia; Isabel Natalia; Dellagnezze; Bruna M.; Santos; Viviane P.; Chaves B; Michel R.; Capilla; Ramses; Santos Neto; Eugenio V.; Gray; Neil; Oliveira; Valeria M.-Congresso
2016Genetic Analysis Of Hereditary Angioedema In A Brazilian Family By Targeted Next Generation SequencingVeronez; Camila Lopes; da Silva; Elton Dias; Lima Teixeira; Patricia Varela; Cagini; Nathalia; Constantino-Silva; Rosemeire Navickas; Grumach; Anete Sevciovic; Mansour; Eli; Velloso; Licio A.; Pesquero; Joao Bosco-Congresso
2016Root Cause Analysis Combined With Human Factors Engineering Tools For Adverse Events Investigation In HealthcareTsukahara; V. H. B.; Calil; S. J.-Congresso
2016New Mutations In Serping1 Gene Of Brazilian Patients With Hereditary AngioedemaCagini; Nathalia; Veronez; C. L.; Constantino-Silva; R. N.; Buzolin; Marcia; Martin; Renan Paulo; Grumach; A. S.; Velloso; Licio Augusto; Mansour; Eli; Pesquero; Joao Bosco-Congresso