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2014Comment On 'practical Advice For Avoidance Of Pain Associated With Insertion Of Intrauterine Contraceptives': Authors' ResponseBahamondes L.; Mansour D.; Fiala C.; Kaunitz A.M.; Gemzell-Danielsson K.-Carta
2014Refractive Error In School Children In Campinas, BrazilLira R.P.C.; Santo I.F.E.; Astur G.L.V.; Maziero D.; Passos T.H.M.; Arieta C.E.L.-Carta
2014Synchronisation And Stability In River Metapopulation NetworksYeakel J.D.; Moore J.W.; Guimaraes P.R.; de Aguiar M.A.M.-Carta
2014Brazil Should Help Developing Nations To Foster Agriculture And Environmental ProtectionDobrovolski R.; Rattis L.-Carta
2014Fauna In Decline: Meek Shall InheritChristianini A.V.; Oliveira P.S.; Bruna E.M.; Vasconcelos H.L.-Carta
2014Brazil's New Laws Bug CollectorsBandini Ribeiro D.; Freitas A.V.L.-Carta
2014Advertisement Call And Habitat Of Vitreorana Uranoscopa (anura: Centrolenidae) In BrazilHaga I.A.; de Andrade F.S.; Toscano N.P.; Kwet A.; Giaretta A.A.-Carta
2014Spg4-related Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia: Frequency And Mutation Spectrum In BrazilFranca M.C.; Dogini D.B.; D'Abreu A.; Teive H.A.G.; Munhoz R.P.; Raskin S.; Moro A.; Melo C.C.; Gomes A.P.; Saute J.A.M.; Jardim L.B.; Lopes-Cendes I.-Carta
2013Peritrabecular Clefting In Fibrous Dysplasia Of The Jaws: How Soon Is Now?Prado Ribeiro A.C.; Carlos R.; Speight P.M.; Hunter K.D.; Santos-Silva A.R.; Almeida O.P.; Vargas P.A.-Carta
2014Resistant Hypertension Revisited: Definition And True PrevalenceModolo R.; De Faria A.P.; Sabbatini A.R.; Moreno H.-Carta