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2016Oscillatory Electro-oxidation Of Methanol On Platinum Single Crystal Electrodes--Carta
2016Could Clinical Symptoms Be A Predictor Of Complications In Zika Virus Infection?Freitas; ARR; Napimoga; MH; Donalisio; MR-Carta
2016Chimerism Interpretation With A Highly Sensitive Quantitative Pcr Method: 6 Months Median Latency Before Chimerism Drop Below 0.1%Vicente; DC; Laranjeira; ABA; Miranda; ECM; Yunes; JA; de Souza; CA-Carta
2016Cochlear Implantation In Elderly AdultsPauna; HF; de Carvalho; GM; Guimaraes; AC-Carta
2016Primary Meningeal Melanocytoma Mimicking A Nonfunctioning Pituitary AdenomaBrito; AB; Rogerio; F; Reis; F; Garmes; HM; Vassallo; J; Lima; CS-Carta
2016Reply To Letter To The Editor By J.-m. Kim Et Al. On "sexual Function And Quality Of Life In Women With Cervical Cancer Before Radiotherapy: A Pilot Study'' By Grion Et Al.Grion; RC; Baccaro; LF; Vaz; AF; Costa-Paiva; L; Conde; DM; Pinto-Neto; AM-Carta
2016Catiomers And Aniomers: Unique Classes Of Isomeric IonsTata; A; Eberlin; MN-Carta
2016Scalp Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans: A Potential Diagnostic PitfallDenadai; R; Raposo-Amaral; CA; Raposo-Amaral; CE; Stelini; RF; Cintra; ML; Araujo; KM-Carta
2016Fullerene Separation And Identification By Traveling Wave Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry In Laser Desorption Processes During Asphaltene AnalysisKoolen; HHF; Klitzke; CF; Cardoso; FMR; Rosa; PTV; Gozzo; FC-Carta
2016The Correct Assignment Of The Lectotype Of Vochysia Guianensis (vochysiaceae)--Carta