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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Alveolar Bone Remodelling Pattern Of The Rat Incisor Under Different Functional Conditions As Shown By Minocycline Administration.
Author: Gerlach, R F
Toledo, D B
Fonseca, R B
Novaes, P D
Line, S R P
Merzel, J
Abstract: Remodelling of the socket surrounding the continuously growing and erupting rat incisor was examined in teeth under normo, hyper and hypofunctional conditions. Cross-sections of the mandible were observed under fluorescence microscopy, where minocycline labelling evidenced bone remodelling. Animals had received minocycline (10 mg/day) during the experimental period. Control animals (from all three groups) received vehicle alone and samples from these animals were not fluorescent. Minocycline did not interfere with the eruption rates in any of the functional conditions studied. Normofunctional (impeded) incisors showed constant osteogenic activity in the alveolar bone facing the periodontal ligament in all regions of the incisor. Under hypofunctional (unimpeded) and hyperfunctional (impeded) conditions, osteogenesis in the region close to the alveolar crest was markedly increased in the mesial wall of the socket. The labial alveolar bone, facing the enamel-related periodontium, was almost entirely formed during the experimental period in all the groups, but in hyper and hypofunctional teeth the newly formed bone was thicker and contained a substantial amount formed before the experimental period. In the more apical regions of the socket no marked differences between the three functional conditions were found. The similar bone remodelling shown in hypo and hyperfunctional teeth might indicate that there are common factors causing this pattern. Consideration of possible factors appear to rule out the eruption rate, which is very different under these two functional conditions.
Subject: Animals
Anti-bacterial Agents
Bone Remodeling
Rats, Wistar
Tooth Eruption
Tooth Socket
Citation: Archives Of Oral Biology. v. 47, n. 3, p. 203-9, 2002-Mar.
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2002
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