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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Structural Insights Into The Beta-mannosidase From T. Reesei Obtained By Synchrotron Small-angle X-ray Solution Scattering Enhanced By X-ray Crystallography.
Author: Aparicio, Ricardo
Fischer, Hannes
Scott, David J
Verschueren, Koen H G
Kulminskaya, Anna A
Eneiskaya, Elena V
Neustroev, Kirill N
Craievich, Aldo Felix
Golubev, Alexander M
Polikarpov, Igor
Abstract: A molecular envelope of the beta-mannosidase from Trichoderma reesei has been obtained by combined use of solution small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and protein crystallography. Crystallographic data at 4 A resolution have been used to enhance informational content of the SAXS data and to obtain an independent, more detailed protein shape. The phased molecular replacement technique using a low resolution SAXS model, building, and refinement of a free atom model has been employed successfully. The SAXS and crystallographic free atom models exhibit a similar globular form and were used to assess available crystallographic models of glycosyl hydrolases. The structure of the beta-galactosidase, a member of a family 2, clan GHA glycosyl hydrolases, shows an excellent fit to the experimental molecular envelope and distance distribution function of the beta-mannosidase, indicating gross similarities in their three-dimensional structures. The secondary structure of beta-mannosidase quantified by circular dichroism measurements is in a good agreement with that of beta-galactosidase. We show that a comparison of distance distribution functions in combination with 1D and 2D sequence alignment techniques was able to restrict the number of possible structurally homologous proteins. The method could be applied as a general method in structural genomics and related fields once protein solution scattering data are available.
Subject: Circular Dichroism
Crystallography, X-ray
Protein Conformation
Protein Folding
Scattering, Radiation
Citation: Biochemistry. v. 41, n. 30, p. 9370-5, 2002-Jul.
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2002
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