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2019Physical training over 6 months is associated with improved changes in phase angle, body composition, and blood glucose in healthy young malesLanger, Raquel D.; Silva, Analiza M.; Borges, Juliano H.; Cirolini, Vagner X.; Pascoa, Mauro A.; Guerra-Junior, Gil; Goncalves, Ezequiel M.-Artigo
2019Effects of carbohydrate mouth rinse on cycling time trial performance : a systematic review and meta-analysisBrietzke, Cayque; Franco-Alvarenga, Paulo Estevao; Coelho-Junior, Helio Jose; Silveira, Rodrigo; Asano, Ricardo Yukio; Pires, Flavio Oliveira-Artigo
2019High relative consumption of vegetable protein is associated with faster walking speed in well-functioning older adultsCoelho-Junior, Helio J.; Calvani, Riccardo; Goncalves, Ivan O.; Rodrigues, Bruno; Picca, Anna; Landi, Francesco; Bernabei, Roberto; Uchida, Marco C.; Marzetti, Emanuele-Artigo
May-2019Effect of whey protein supplementation combined with resistance training on cellular health in pre-conditioned older women : a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trialNabuco, Hellen C.G.; Tomeleri, Crisieli M.; Sugihara Junior, Paulo; Fernandes, Rodrigo R.; Cavalcante, Edilaine F.; Santos, Leandro dos; Silva, Analiza M.; Sardinha, Luís B.; Cyrino, Edilson S.-Artigo
2019Bioinformatics analysis of circulating miRNAs related to cancer following spinal cord injuryLopes, Elisangela C. P.; Paim, Layde R.; Matos-Souza, Jose R.; Calegari, Decio R.; Gorla, Jose I.; Cliquet, Alberto, Jr.; Lima, Carmen S. P.; McDonald, John F.; Nadruz, Wilson, Jr.; Schreiber, Roberto-Artigo
May-2019Tracking of physical fitness in elementary school children : the role of changes in body fatWerneck, André O.; Silva, Danilo R.; Oyeyemi, Adewale L.; Fernandes, Rômulo A.; Romanzini, Marcelo; Cyrino, Edilson S.; Arruda, Miguel de; Ronque, Enio R.V.-Artigo