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2017Erratum to: Changes in plant functional traits and water use in Atlantic Rainforest: evidence of conservative water use in spatio-temporal scalesRosado, Bruno H. P.; Joly, Carlos A.; Burgess, Stephen S. O.; Oliveira, Rafael S.; Aidar, Marcos P. M.-Outros documentos
2018Correction to: Chromosome counts in Chaetogastra (Melastomataceae, Melastomateae)Meyer, Fabrício Schmitz; Braga, Klenya Rocha; Forni-Martins, Eliana R.; Goldenberg, Renato-Outros documentos
2018Comparision between human amniotic fluid and adipous tissue mesenchymal stem cells induced-chondrogenesis cultured in chitosan-xanthan scaffold stimulated with TGF-beta 3Damas, I.I.; Zuliani, C.C.; Moraes, A.M.; Westin, C.B.; Kharmandayan, P.; Andrade, K.C.; Mamonei, R.L.; Coimbra, I.B.-Outros documentos
2017Quality of life and sexual life in survivors of prostate cancer undergoing radical prostatectomyNaccarato, A.; Ferreira, U.; Denardi, F.-Outros documentos
2018Opportunistic infections in transplant patients: an alert for travelersSilva, R.H. da; Silva, D.L.F.; Moyses, M.D.; Magalhaes, R.F.; Franca, A.F.E.C.-Outros documentos
2018Emerging leprosy during new therapeuticsSilva, D.L.F.; Visentainer, L.; Toribio, J.M.; Velho, P.E.F.N.; Franca, A.F.E.C.-Outros documentos
2018Rosacea: quality of life and ocular evaluation in a Latin populationSilva, D.L.F.; Tavares, C.; Santos, L.S.; Alves, M.; Franca, A.F.E.C.-Outros documentos
2015Multicentric study of liver transplantation in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in brazil- preliminary data of 913 patientsChagas, A.; Kikuchi, L.; Felga, G.; Mattos, A.A.; Silva, R.F.; Silva, R.C.M.; Branco, F.; Almeida, M.D.; Boin, I.F.S.F.; Garcia, J.H.; D'Albuquerque, L.C.; Flair, C.J.-Outros documentos
1991Decreased insulin response to glucose in sickle cell traitBraga, G.S.; Saad S.T.O.; Saad M.J.A.-Outros documentos
2014The impact of preoperative anti-tnf in surgical and infectious complications of abdominal procedures for crohn's disease: controversy still persistsCoy C.S.; Kotze P.G.-Outros documentos
2017Natural environmental gamma radiation exposure and prevalence of breast cancer in Poços de Caldas, MG, BrazilMerola, Y. de L.; Neves da Cunha, T.; Schenka, A. A.; Silva, N. C.-Outros documentos
2017The influence of informative material over awareness and opinion about organ donation on brazilian undegraduate studentsRiccetto, E.; Boin, I.F.S.F.-Outros documentos
2016Respiratory profile in patients after liver transplantationSilva, M.M.C.; Corcha, R.A.; Silva, A.M.O.; Franco, F.J.B.Z.; Almeida, J.R.S.; Boin, I.F.S.F.-Outros documentos
2015Peripheral effects of opiates agonist in isolated corpus cavernosumRodrigues, R.; de Oliveira, M.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.; Monica,F.-Outros documentos
2017Protocol of hosting the families of organ donors after consent: a proposal of health technology in BrazilFernandes, M.E.N.; Boin, I.F.S.F.; Sardinha, L.A.C.; Bueno, F.M.G.; Rodrigues, S.L.L.; Bonfim, N.T.; Rocha, J.S.; Warwar, M.I.; Martinelli, L.-Outros documentos
2016Long-time choledochal clamping in wistar rats causes biliary obstruction progressing to hepatic fibrosisTártaro, R.D.R.; Jorge, G.D.L.; Escanhoela, C.A.F.; Boin, I.F.S.F.-Outros documentos
2017Serum afp greater than 200 ng/ml as a risk factor to hepatocelullar carcinoma recurrence in a brazilian multicentric studyBoin, I.F.S.F.; Possatto, M.; Escanhoela, C.; Reigada, C.-Outros documentos
2017Adjuvant radiotherapy treatment in early cervical cancer treated with radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomyRangel, O. F. N.; Zeferino, L. C.; Do Vale, D.; Machado, H. D. C.; Freganani, J. H. T.; Yoneda, J. Y.; Braganca, J. F.-Outros documentos
2015Effect of soluble guanylate cyclase modulators, bay 60-2770 and bay 41-2272 in isolated corpus cavernosum from normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive ratsEstancial, C.; Antunes, E.; Rodrigues, R.; Barbosa, A.; Monica, F.-Outros documentos
2017Erratum to: glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1RAs) in the brain-adipocyte axisGeloneze, B.; Lima, J.C.J; Velloso, L.A.-Outros documentos