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1996Simultaneous determination of nitrite and nitrate anions in plasma, urine and cell culture supernatants by high-performance liquid chromatography with post-column reactionsMuscara, MN; deNucci, G-Artigo de periódico
1996The effect of a tachykinin NK1 receptor antagonist, SR140333, on oedema formation induced in rat skin by venom from the Phoneutria nigriventer spiderPalframan, RT; Costa, SKP; Wilsoncroft, P; Antunes, E; deNucci, G; Brain, SD-Artigo de periódico
1996Renal effects of acute and chronic nitric oxide inhibition in experimental diabetesMattar, AL; Fujihara, CK; Ribeiro, MO; deNucci, G; Zatz, R-Artigo de periódico
1996Role of chondroitin 4-sulphate as a receptor for polycation induced human platelet aggregationDonato, JL; Marcondes, S; Antunes, E; Nogueira, MD; Nader, HB; Dietrich, CP; Rendu, F; deNucci, G-Artigo de periódico
1997Short-term sucralfate administration alters potassium diclofenac absorption in healthy male volunteersPedrazzoli, JP; Pierossi, MD; Muscara, MN; Dias, HB; daSilva, CMF; Mendes, FD; deNucci, G-Artigo de periódico
1996Isolation and partial characterization of a polypeptide from Phoneutria nigriventer spider venom that relaxes rabbit corpus cavernosum in vitroRego, E; Bento, AC; LopesMartins, RAB; Antunes, E; Novello, JC; Marangoni, S; Giglio, JR; Oliveira, B; deNucci, G-Artigo de periódico
1996Effect of therapy with recombinant human interferon-gamma on the release of nitric oxide by neutrophils and mononuclear cells from patients with chronic granulomatous diseaseCondinoNeto, A; Muscara, MN; BellinatiPires, R; CarneiroSampaio, MMS; Brandao, AC; Grumach, AS; deNucci, G-Artigo de periódico
1996Bioequivalence study of two enalapril maleate tablet formulations in healthy male volunteers - Pharmacokinetic versus pharmacodynamic approachRibeiro, W; Muscara, MN; Martins, AR; Moreno, H; Mendes, GB; deNucci, G-Artigo de periódico
1996Influence of gastric acid secretion blockade and food intake on the bioavailability of a potassium diclofenac suspension in healthy male volunteersPoli, A; Moreno, RA; Ribeiro, W; Dias, HB; Moreno, H; deNucci, G-Artigo de periódico
1996Involvement of nitric oxide in the smooth muscle tone of the isolated canine spleen and the responses to acetylcholine and substance PGrassiKassisse, DM; Antunes, E; Withrington, PG; deNucci, G-Artigo de periódico