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2016Comparison Of Physical Performance Among Brazilian Elite Soccer Players Of Different Age-categoriesKobal; R; Loturco; I; Gil; S; Abad; CCC; Cuniyochi; R; Barroso; R; Tricoli; V-Artigo de Periódico
2016Expression Patterns Of Sirtuin 1-ampk-autophagy Pathway In Chronic Colitis And Inflammation-associated Colon Neoplasia In Il-10-deficient MiceTalero; E; Alcaide; A; Avila-Roman; J; Garcia-Maurino; S; Vendramini-Costa; D; Motilva; V-Artigo de Periódico
2016Correlation Between Body Mass Index And Faecal Microbiota From ChildrenIgnacio; A; Fernandes; MR; Rodrigues; VAA; Groppo; FC; Cardoso; AL; Avila-Campos; MJ; Nakano; V-Artigo de Periódico
2016Goniothalamin Prevents The Development Of Chemically Induced And Spontaneous Colitis In Rodents And Induces Apoptosis In The Ht-29 Human Colon Tumor Cell LineVendramini-Costa; DB; Alcaide; A; Pelizzaro-Rocha; KJ; Talero; E; Avila-Roman; J; Garcia-Maurino; S; Pilli; RA; de Carvalho; JE; Motilva; V-Artigo de Periódico
2016[des-arg(1)]-proctolin: A Novel Nep-like Enzyme Inhibitor Identified In Tityus Serrulatus VenomDuzzi; B; Cajado-Caryalho; D; Kuniyoshi; AK; Kodama; RT; Gozzo; FC; Fioramonte; M; Tambourgi; DV; Portaro; FV; Rioli; V-Artigo de Periódico
2016Green Alternative Methods For The Extraction Of Antioxidant Bioactive Compounds From Winery Wastes And By-products: A ReviewBarba; FJ; Zhu; ZZ; Koubaa; M; Sant'Ana; AS; Orlien; V-Resenha