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1-Dec-1997Viscosity of gums in vitro and their ability to reduce postprandial hyperglycemia in normal subjectsBrenelli, S.L.; Campos, S.D.S.; Saad, M.J.A.-Artigo de periódico
2007Infliximab reverses steatosis and improves insulin signal transduction in liver of rats fed a high-fat dietBarbuio, R.; Milanski, M.; Bertolo, M.B.; Saad, M.J.A.; Velloso, L.A.-Artigo
2003Regulation of insulin receptor substrate-2 tyrosine phosphorylation in animal models of insulin resistanceRojas, F. A.; Hirata, A. E.; Saad, M.J.A.-Artigo
2003The cross-talk between angiotensin and insulin differentially affects phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase- and mitogen-activated protein kinase-mediated signaling in rat heart: implications for insulin resistanceCarvalheira, J. B.; Calegari, V.C.; Zecchin, H.G.; Nadruz, W.Jr.; Guimarães, R.B.; Franchini, K.G.; Velloso, L.A.; Saad, M.J.A.-Artigo
1995Insulin-resistance in psoriasisBrenelli, S.L.; Moraes, A.M.; Montealegre, S.; Carvalho, O.M.F.; Saad, M.J.A.-Artigo
2011Metformin amplifies chemotherapy-induced ampk activation and antitumoral growthRocha, G.Z.; Rossato, F.A.; Dias, M.M.; Ropelle, E.R.; Osorio, Costa F.; Saad, M.J.A.; Vercesi, A.E.; Carvalheira, J.B.C.-Artigo
1998The insulin receptor substrate 1 associates with phosphotyrosine phosphatase SHPTP2 in liver and muscle of ratsZambelli, J.E.; Saad, M.J.A.; Lima, M.H.M.; Carvalho, C.R.O.-Artigo
1997Tissue-specific regulation of IRS-1 in unilaterally nephrectomized ratsGontijo, J.A.R.; Carvalho, C.R.O.; Sasse, Chen E.; Sasse, A.D.; Saad, M.J.A.; Brenelli, S.L.-Artigo
1998Insulin receptor has tyrosine kinase activity toward Shc in rat liverSaad, M.J.A.; Páez-Espinosa, E.V.; Velloso, L.A.; Carvalho, C.R.O.-Artigo
2006Targeted disruption of inos prevents Lps-induced S-nitrosation of Irβ/irs-1 and akt and insulin resistance in muscle of miceCarvalho-Filho, M.A.; Saad, M.J.A.; Velloso, L.A.; Carvalheira, J.B.C.; Ueno, M.-Artigo
2008Acute physical exercise reverses S-nitrosation of the insulin receptor, insulin receptor substrate 1 and protein kinase B/akt in diet-induced obese wistar ratsRopelle, E.R.; Moraes, J.C.; Pauli, J.R.; De Souza, C.T.; Carvalho, Filho M.A.; Cintra, D.E.; Velloso, L.A.; Carvalheira, J.B.C.; Saad, M.J.A.-Artigo
2010Modulation of hypothalamic Ptp1b in the Tnf-α-induced insulin and leptin resistanceCaricilli, A.M.; Carvalheira, J.B.C.; Picardi, P.K.; Abreu, L.L.F.D.; Saad, M.J.A.; Velloso, L.A.-Artigo
2005Western diet modulates insulin signaling, C-jun N-terminal kinase activity, and insulin receptor substrate-1ser307 phosphorylation in a tissue-specific fashionPrada, P.O.; Gasparetti, A.L.; Zecchin, H.G.; Hoer, N.F.; Hirata, A.E.; Torsoni, M.A.; Corezola do Amaral, M.E.; Ueno, M.; Boschero, A.C.; Saad, M.J.A.-Artigo
2013Diet-induced obesity induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and insulin resistance in the amygdala of ratsAreias, M.F.; Quaresma, P.G.F.; Castro, G.; Weissmann ,L.; Katashima, C.K.; Prada, P.O.; Saad, M.J.A.-Artigo
1997Glucose-induced insulin secretion is impaired and insulin-induced phosphorylation of the insulin receptor and insulin receptor substrate-1 are increased in protein-deficient ratsReis, M.A.B.; Boschero, A.C.; Carneiro, E.M.; Mello, M.A.R.; Velloso, L.A.; Saad, M.J.A.-Artigo
1998Insulin signalling in heart involves insulin receptor substrates-1 And - 2, activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and the Jak 2-growth related pathwayVelloso, L.A.; Saad, M.J.A.; Rojas, F.A.; Carvalho, C.R.O.; Folli, F.-Artigo
2013Tyrosine kinase inhibitors as novel drugs for the treatment of diabetesPrada, P.O.; Saad, M.J.A.-Artigo
2003Hypothalamic melanin-concentrating hormone is induced by cold exposure and participates in the control of energy expenditure in ratsPereira-da-Silva, M.; Velloso, L.A.; Carneiro, E.M.; Boschero, A.C.; Saad, M.J.A.; Augusto, V.D.; Souza, C.; Cruz-Neto, A.P.; Nourani, H.V.; Carvalheira, J.; Gasparetti, A.L.; Ventrucci, G.; Marcondes, M.C.C.G.; Torsoni, M.-Artigo
2003Suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 is induced by angiotensin II in heart and isolated cardiomyocytes, and participates in desensitizationBezerra, R.M.N.; Torsoni, M.A.; Calegari, V.C.; Franchini, K.G.; Velloso, L.A.; Torsoni, A.S.; Saad, M.J.A.-Artigo
2005Suppressor of cytokine signaling-3 provides a novel interface in the cross-talk between angiotensin II and insulin signaling systemsVelloso, L.A.; Calegari, V.C.; Saad, M.J.A.; Alves, M.; Inoue, R.Y.; Picardi, P.K.; Franchini, K.G.-Artigo