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1-Dec-1998Thermal lens spectrometry to study complex fluidsBaesso, M. L.; Pereira, J. R. D.; Bento, A. C.; Palangana, A. J.; Mansanares, A. M.; Evangelista, L. R.-Artigo de periódico
2018Photothermally modulated magnetic resonance using a light access microwaves cavity: influence of skin depth and of photo-injected carriersCordeiro, T. C.; Soffner, M. E.; Mansanares, A. M.; Silva, E. C. da-Artigo
2014Theoretical description of the photopyroelectric technique in the slanted detector configuration for thermal diffusivity measurements in fluidsRojas-Trigos, J. B.; Marín, E.; Mansanares, A. M.; Cedeño, E.; Juárez-Gracia, G.; Calderón, A.-Artigo
2015On the thermal characterization of solids by photoacoustic calorimetry: thermal diffusivity and linear thermal expansion coefficientBedoya, A.; Marin, E.; Mansanares, A. M.; Zambrano-Arjona, M. A.; Riech, I.; Calderon, A.-Artigo
2019Application of thermal lens microscopy (TLM) for measurement of Cr(VI) traces in wastewaterHernandez-Carabali, L. A.; Cedeno, E.; Mantilla, A.; Alvarado, S.; Cabrera, H.; Mansanares, A. M.; Calderon, A.; Marin, E.-Artigo
2019Phase resolved method using the Hill-Climbing Metaheuristic Algorithm applied for the spectral separation from photoacoustic spectra of chilli pepper skin and yellow corn pericarpJaime, J.; Hernandez-Wong, J.; Nogal, U.; Rojas, A.; Calderon, A.; Rojas-Trigos, J. B.; Munoz, R.; Juarez-Gracia, G.; Mansanares, A. M.; Marin, E.-Artigo
2014Determination of the magnetocaloric entropy change by field sweep using a heat flux setupMonteiro, J. C. B.; Reis, R. D. dos; Mansanares, A. M.; Gandra, F. G.-Artigo
2017High sensitivity thermal lens microscopy: Cr-VI trace detection in waterCedeño, E.; Cabrera, H.; Delgadillo-López, A. E.; Delgado-Vasallo, O.; Mansanares, A. M.; Calderón, A.; Marín, E.-Artigo
2014Cs2NaAl1-xCrxF6: A family of compounds presenting magnetocaloric effectPedro, S. S.; Tedesco, J. C. G.; Yokaichiya, F.; Brandao, P.; Gomes, A. M.; Landsgesell, S.; Pires, M. J. M.; Sosman, L. P.; Mansanares, A. M.; Reis, M. S.; Bordallo, H. N.-Artigo
2017Structural and magnetic analysis of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 nanoparticles thermally treated: acoustic detection of the magnetocaloric effectPena, C. F.; Soffner, M. E.; Mansanares, A. M.; Sampaio, J. A.; Gandra, F. C. G.; Silva, E. C. da; Vargas, H.-Artigo
2015Thermal diffusivity of sandstone using photoacousticsGuimarães, A. O.; Souza, C. G. de; Silva, E. C. da; Soffner, M. E.; Mansanares, A. M.; Ribeiro, H. J. P. S.; Carrasquilla, A. A. G.; Vargas, H.-Artigo
2015Investigation of biodiesel through photopyroelectric and dielectric-constant measurements as a function of temperature: freezing/melting intervalZanelato, E.B.; Machado, F.A.L; Rangel, A.B.; Guimarães, A.O.; Vargas, H.; Silva, E. C. da; Mansanares, A. M.-Artigo
2015Acoustic detection of the magnetocaloric effect in gadolinium thin films: influence of the substrateNogal, U.; Mansanares, A. M.; Gandra, F. C. G.; Soffner, M. E.; Guimarães, A. O.; Silva, E. C. da; Vargas, H.; Marín, E.; Calderón, A.-Artigo
2016Thermoacoustic And Thermoreflectance Imaging Of Biased Integrated Circuits: Voltage And Temperature MapsHernández-Rosales, E.; Cedeño, E.; Hernandez-Wong, J.; Rojas-Trigos, J. B.; Marin, E.; Gandra, F. C. G.; Mansanares, A. M.-Artigo
2016Heat Flux Measurements Of Tb3m Series (m = Co, Rh And Ru): Specific Heat And Magnetocaloric PropertiesMonteiro, J. C. B.; Lombardi, G. A.; Reis, R. D. dos; Freitas, H. E.; Cardoso, L. P.; Mansanares, A. M.; Gandra, F. G.-Artigo