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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2014Atena: A Broadcast-storm-aware Solution For Highway EnvironmentsAkabane A.T.; Madeira E.R.M.; Villas L.A.-Artigo de periódico
2015Providing Optical Network As A Service With Policy-based Transport Sdnde Siqueira M.A.; van 't Hooft F.N.C.; de Oliveira J.R.F.; Madeira E.R.M.; Rothenberg C.E.-Artigo de periódico
2008Flexpar: Reconfigurable Middleware For Parallel EnvironmentsUeyama J.; Madeira E.R.M.; Grace P.-Artigo de evento
2008A Performance-oriented Adaptive Scheduler For Dependent Tasks On GridsBittencourt L.F.; Madeira E.R.M.-Artigo de evento
2014An Architecture For Dynamic Resource Adjustment In Vsdns Based On Traffic DemandGomes R.L.; Bittencourt L.F.; Madeira E.R.M.; Cerqueira E.; Gerla M.-Artigo de evento
2014Supporting Sla Negotiation For Vsdn Based On Similarity And Price IssuesGomes R.L.; Bittencourt L.F.; Madeira E.R.M.-Artigo de evento
2014An Emulator For Evaluating Resource Allocation And Performance In CloudsSenna C.R.; Bittencourt L.F.; Madeira E.R.M.-Artigo de evento
1996Implementation Model For The Management Functions Of The Rm-odpMadeira E.R.M.; Garcia C.M.-Artigo de evento
2005A Context-aware Negotiation Model For M-commerceMatos F.M.; Madeira E.R.M.-Artigo de evento
2009Bicriteria Service Scheduling With Dynamic Instantiation For Workflow Execution On GridsBittencourt L.F.; Senna C.R.; Madeira E.R.M.-Artigo de evento
2001Dpcp (discard Past Consider Present) - A Novel Approach To Adaptive Fault Detection In Distributed SystemsSotoma I.; Madeira E.R.M.-Artigo de evento
2001Momenta: Service Management Using Mobile Agents In A Corba EnvironmentSchulze B.; Madeira E.R.M.; Ropelatto P.; Vasconcellos F.-Artigo de periódico
2009Exploiting A Generic Approach For Constructing Mobile Device ApplicationsUeyama J.; Pinto V.P.V.; Madeira E.R.M.; Grace P.; Jonhson T.M.M.; Camargo R.Y.-Artigo de evento
2011Spia's Multi-party Negotiation Protocol: Implementation Using YawlBaccarin E.; Madeira E.R.M.; Medeiros C.B.; Van Der Aalst W.M.P.-Artigo de periódico
2011Power-aware Virtual Machine Scheduling On Clouds Using Active Cooling Control And DvfsDo Lago D.G.; Madeira E.R.M.; Bittencourt L.F.-Artigo de evento
2011An Architecture For Adaptation Of Virtual Networks On CloudsSenna C.R.; Soares Jr. M.A.; Bittencourt L.F.; Madeira E.R.M.-Artigo de evento
2011An Environment For Evaluation And Testing Of Service Workflow Schedulers In CloudsSenna C.R.; Bittencourt L.F.; Madeira E.R.M.-Artigo de evento
2013Cogtra: A Deployable Mechanism For Cognitive Transmission Rate Adaptation In Ieee 802.11 NetworksChaves L.J.; Madeira E.R.M.; Garcia I.C.-Artigo de periódico
2004Icomp: A Mobile Portal Model Based On Reflective Middleware And Mobile AgentsGialdi M.V.; Madeira E.R.M.; Grace P.; Blair G.-Artigo de periódico
2004Policy-based Admission Control In Gmpls Optical NetworksVerdi F.L.; Magalhaes M.; Madeira E.R.M.-Artigo de evento