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2015Treatment Of Bowel In Experimental Gastroschisis With A Nitric Oxide DonorGoncalves; Frances L. L.; Bueno; Marcia P.; Schmidt; Augusto F.; Figueira; Rebeca L.; Sbragia; Lourenco-Artigo de periódico
2015Mlh1, Msh2, Msh3 And Exo1 Polymorphisms And Head And Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Risk And PrognosisLourenco; Gustavo Jacob; Silva Nogueira; Guilherme Augusto; Martins Oliveira; Camila Borges; Lima Marson; Fernando Augusto; Lopes-Aguiar; Leisa; Dias Costa; Ericka Francislaine; Penna Lima; Tathiane Regine; Liutti; Vitor Teixeira; Leal; Frederico; Santos; Vivian Antunes; Rinck; Jose Augusto; Passos Lima; Carmen Silvia-Artigo de periódico
2015Ventilation Causes Pulmonary Vascular Dilation And Modulates The Nos And Vegf Pathway On Newborn Rats With CdhGallindo; Rodrigo Melo; Lanhellas Goncalves; Frances Lilian; Figueira; Rebeca Lopes; Violin Dias Pereira; Luis Antonio; Bertoncini Simoes; Ana Leda; Schmidt; Augusto Frederico; Sbragia; Lourenco-Artigo de periódico
2015Adaptation Of Overdenture-bars Casted In Different Metals And Their Influence On The Stress Distribution-a Laboratory And 3d Feados Santos; Mateus B. F.; Caldas; Ricardo A.; Zen; Bruno M.; Bacchi; Atais; Correr-Sobrinho; Lourenco-Artigo de periódico
2016Effect Of Radiotherapy, Adhesive Systems And Doxycycline On The Bond Strength Of The Dentin-composite InterfaceSoares; Eveline Freitas; Naves; Lucas Zago; Correr; Americo Bortolazzo; Costa; Ana Rosa; Consani; Simonides; Soares; Carlos Jose; Garcia-Godoy; Franklin; Correr-Sobrinho; Lourenco-Artigo
2016Evaluation Of The Enzymatic Activity And Stability Of Commercial Bromelain Incorporated In Topical FormulationsLourenco; C. B.; Ataide; J. A.; Cefali; L. C.; Novaes; L. C. D. L.; Moriel; P.; Silveira; E.; Tambourgi; E. B.; Mazzola; P. G.-Artigo
2015Influence Of Diamondlike Carbon Coating Of Screws On Axial Tightening Force And Stress Distribution On Overdenture Bar Frameworks With Different Fit Levels And MaterialsFernandes dos Santos; Mateus Bertolini; Bacchi; Atais; Xediek Consani; Rafael Leonardo; Correr-Sobrinho; Lourenco-Artigo de periódico