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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2008High Q-factor Monolithic Inductor For Rf Devices Using Double Ground ShieldLagoia Fonseca Jr. P.N.; Kretly L.C.-Artigo de evento
2008A New Circuit Topology For Lnas Using Partial Source Degeneration With Double Transistor Connection To Improve Gain And Input Impedance Matching FlexibilityTavora A.A.S.; Capovilla C.E.; Kretly L.C.-Artigo de evento
2008Improving Q-factor Of Monolithic Inductor By Using Double Ground Shield - N+ Buried And Polysilicon - A Realistic SimulationLagoia Fonseca Jr. P.N.; Kretly L.C.-Artigo de evento
2014An Integrated Analog Demultiplexer For Spatial Multiplexing Of Local Elements Scheme Using Mos Transistors [scalony Multiplekser Analogowy Cmos Dla Techniki Spatial Multiplexing]Capovilla C.E.; Araujo H.X.; Kretly L.C.-Artigo de periódico
1996Efficient Medium Current He+ Beam Extraction Sustained By Auxiliary Plasma Formation In The Ion Source By Solid MaterialKretly L.C.; de Queiroz J.E.C.-Artigo de evento
2009A 1.9-ghz Cmos Low Noise Amplifier With Partial Source DegenerationKretly L.C.; Capovilla C.E.; Tavora A. S. A.-Artigo de evento
2011A New Concept Of Ram-radiation Absorbent Material: Applying Corrugated Surfaces To Improve ReflectivitySilva M.W.B.; Kretly L.C.-Artigo de evento
2004Nanorobotic Challenges In Biomedical Applications, Design And ControlCavalcanti A.; Rosen L.; Kretly L.C.; Rosenfeld M.; Einav S.-Artigo de evento
1997Elementary Particles As Micro-universes: A Geometric Approach To "strong Gravity"Recami E.; Ammiraju P.; Hernandez H.E.; Kretly L.C.; Rodrigues Jr. W.A.-Artigo de periódico
2004Nanorobotics Control Design: A Practical Approach TutorialCavalcanti A.; Freitas Jr. R.A.; Kretly L.C.-Artigo de evento
2004The Effect Of An Electromagnetic Band-gap Structure On A Pifa Antenna ArrayKretly L.C.; Alves S A.M.P.-Artigo de evento
1998Influence Of Nitrogen Implantation On The Properties Of Polymer Films Deposited In Benzene Glow DischargesRangel E.C.; Da Cruz N.C.; Bica De Moraes M.A.; Kretly L.C.-Artigo de periódico
2002A Hexagonal Adaptive Antenna Array Concept For Wireless Communication ApplicationsKretly L.C.; Cerqueira S Jr. A.; Tavora AS A.-Artigo de evento
2006Batio3 (bto)-cacu3ti4o12 (ccto) Substrates For Microwave Devices And AntennasAlmeida A.F.L.; Fechine P.B.A.; Kretly L.C.; Sombra A.S.B.-Artigo de evento
2006Microstrip Antenna On A High Dielectric Constant Substrate: Batio 3 (bto)-cacu3ti4o12(ccto) Composite Screen-printed Thick FilmsFechine P.B.A.; Tavora A.; Kretly L.C.; Almeida A.F.L.; Santos M.R.P.; Freire F.N.A.; Sombra A.S.B.-Artigo de periódico
2007A Novel Inductor On Slow-wave Substrate: Single Layer With Periodic Rectangular Compact Coil On Ground PlaneLagoia Jr. P.; Kretly L.C.-Artigo de evento
2007Pcb-mems Rf Switch: Parametric Analysis And Design Guide LinesWeber B S M.; Kretly L.C.-Artigo de evento
2003Experimental Analysis Of Cdma Systems Performance Improvement With Triangle Pifa Antenna Array In An Academic CampusCerqueira Jr. A.S.; Kretly L.C.-Artigo de evento
2014Antenna Signature: A Qualitative Analysis Of Planar Antennas By Electromagnetic Scanning Using Tdr-time Domain ReflectometryFereira A.S.; Barbin S.E.; Kretly L.C.-Artigo de evento
2013The Use Of Metamaterial Technology To Improve A Gtem ChamberDe Araujo H.X.; Barbin S.E.; Kretly L.C.-Artigo de evento