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2008Intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonds in alkyl and silyl ethers: Experimental and theoretical analysisDias, LC; Ferreira, MAB; Tormena, CFArtigo de periódico
1999Theoretical studies of Nile Red by ab initio and semiempirical methodsDias, LC; Custodio, R; Pessine, FBTArtigo de periódico
1998Chiral allylsilane additions to chiral alpha-substituted aldehydesDias, LC; Giacomini, RArtigo de periódico
2006Chiral boron enolate aldol additions to chiral aldehydesDias, LC; Aguilar, AMArtigo de periódico
2000Chiral allylsilane additions to chiral N-Boc-alpha-amino aldehydesDias, LC; Meira, PRRArtigo de periódico
2013Enantioselective total synthesis of (-)-ericanoneDias, LC; Kuroishi, PK; Polo, EC; de Lucca, ECArtigo de periódico
2013NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASES: A NEW ERA OF CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIESDias, LC; Dessoy, MA; Guido, RVC; Oliva, G; Andricopulo, ADArtigo de periódico
1999NMR study on ligand exchange reaction between a chiral allylsilane and SnCl4Dias, LC; Meira, PRR; Ferreira, EArtigo de periódico
2002Diels-Alder reactions of 6-substituted 1-(p-nitrobenzoyl)-5,6-dihydro-2-pyridinonesDias, LC; Fernandes, AMAP; Zukerman-Schpector, JArtigo de periódico
2010Influence of beta-Substituents in Aldol Reactions of Boron Enolates of beta-Alkoxy MethylketonesDias, LC; de Lucca, EC; Ferreira, MAB; Garcia, DC; Tormena, CFArtigo de periódico
2009Structural and Chemical Basis for Anticancer Activity of a Series of beta-Tubulin Ligands: Molecular Modeling and 3D QSAR StudiesSalum, LB; Dias, LC; Andricopulo, ADArtigo de periódico
1998On 1,4-diastereoselectivity in the chiral allylsilane addition to chiral alpha-substituted aldehydesDias, LC; Giacomini, RArtigo de periódico
2005Orbital interactions and their effects on C-13 NMR chemical shifts for 4,6-disubstituted-2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxanes. A theoretical studyTormena, CF; Dias, LC; Rittner, RArtigo de periódico
2003High 1,4-syn-induction in the addition of chiral allyltrichlorostannanes to chiral aldehydesDias, LC; Giacomini, R; Meira, PRR; Ferreira, E; Ferreira, AA; Diaz, G; dos Santos, DR; Steil, LJArtigo de periódico
2002High 1,5-anti stereoinduction in boron-mediated aldol reactions of methyl ketonesDias, LC; Bau, RZ; de Sousa, MA; Zukerman-Schpector, JArtigo de periódico
2000Short synthesis of methylphenidate and its p-methoxy derivativeDias, LC; Fernandes, AMADArtigo de periódico
2002Short total synthesis of aspartyl protease inhibitors L-685,434, L-682,679 and L-685,458Dias, LC; Ferreira, AA; Diaz, GArtigo de periódico
2004Short synthesis of the 6,6-spiroketal cores of spirofungins A and BDias, LC; de Oliveira, LGArtigo de periódico
2006Spirofungins A and B: a reassignment of Kiyota's spiroketalsde Oliveira, LG; Dias, LC; Sakauchi, H; Kiyota, HArtigo de periódico
2009Synthesis of the C11-C23 Fragment of the Potent Antitumor Agent DictyostatinDias, LC; Lima, DJP; Goncalves, CCS; Andricopulo, ADArtigo de periódico