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2012Effect of fluoridated milk on enamel and root dentin demineralization evaluated by a biofilm caries modelGiacaman, R. A.; Munoz, M. J.; Ccahuana-Vasquez, R. A.; Munoz-Sandoval, C.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2012Depressive symptoms and untreated dental caries in older independently living south braziliansHugo, F. N.; Hilgert, J. B.; de Sousa, M. D. L. R.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2011Association between socioeconomic factors and the choice of dentifrice and fluoride intake by childrenMartins, C. C.; Oliveira, M. J.; Pordeus, I. A.; Cury, J. A.; Paiva, S. M.-Artigo
2012Total and soluble fluoride content in commercial dentifrices in ChileCarrera, C. A.; Giacaman, R. A.; Munoz-Sandoval, C.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2011Development of gold standard ion-selective electrode-based methods for fluoride analysisMartinez-Mier, E. A.; Cury, J. A.; Heilman, J. R.; Katz, B. P.; Levy, S. M.; Li, Y.; Maguire, A.; O'Mullane, D.; Margineda, J.; Phantumvanit, R.; Soto-Rojas, A. E.; Stookey, G. K.; Villa, A.; Wefel, J. S.; Whelton, H.; Whitford, G. M.; Zero, D. T.; Zhang, W.; Zohouri, V.-Artigo
2003Bone as a biomarker of acute fluoride toxicityde Menezes, L. M. B.; Volpato, M. C.; Rosalen, P. L.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2013Comparing the efficacy of a dentifrice containing 1.5% arginine and 1450 ppm fluoride to a dentifrice containing 1450 ppm fluoride alone in the management of primary root cariesSouza, M. L. R.; Cury, J. A.; Tenuta, L. M. A.; Zhang, Y. P.; Mateo, L. R.; Cummins, D.; Ellwood, R. P.-Artigo
2008How to maintain a cariostatic fluoride concentration in the oral environmentCury, J. A.; Tenuta, L. M. A.-Artigo
2002Effect of lead on dental enamel formationGerlach, R. F.; Cury, J. A.; Krug, F. J.; Line, S. R. P.-Artigo
2000Biochemical composition and cariogenicity of dental plaque formed in the presence of sucrose or glucose and fructoseCury, J. A.; Rebelo, M. A. B.; Cury, A. A. D.; Derbyshire, M. T. V. C.; Tabchoury, C. P. M.-Artigo
2002Effects of compounds found in propolis on Streptococcus mutans growth and on glucosyltransferase activityKoo, H.; Rosalen, P. L.; Cury, J. A.; Park, Y. K.; Bowen, W. H.-Artigo
2003Effect of a combination of fluoride dentifrice and varnish on enamel surface rehardening and fluoride uptake in vitroMaia, L. C.; de Souza, I. P. R.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2002Evaluation of the cariogenic potential of cassava flours from the Amazonian regionVieira, J. M. R.; Rebelo, M. A. B.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2002Correlation between plasma and nail fluoride concentrations in rats given different levels of fluoride in waterBuzalaf, M. A. R.; Fukushima, R.; Granjeiro, J. M.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2002Effect of application time of APF and NaF gels on microhardness and fluoride uptake of in vitro enamel cariesDelbem, A. C. B.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2005Apigenin and tt-farnesol with fluoride effects on S. mutans biofilms and dental cariesKoo, H.; Schobel, B.; Scott-Anne, K.; Bowen, W. H.; Cury, J. A.; Rosalen, P. L.; Park, Y. K.; Watson, G.-Artigo
2004In vivo effect of a resin-modified glass ionomer cement on enamel demineralization around orthodontic bracketsPascotto, R. C.; Navarro, M. F. D.; Capelozza, L.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2005Caries inhibition around composite restorations by pulsed carbon dioxide laser applicationKlein, A. L. L.; Rodrigues, L. K. A.; Eduardo, C. P.; dos Santos, M. N.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2005Fluoride dose response in pH-cycling models using bovine enamelVieira, A. E. D.; Delbem, A. C. B.; Sassaki, K. T.; Rodrigues, E.; Cury, J. A.; Cunha, R. F.-Artigo
2005Effect of rinsing with water immediately after APF gel application on enamel demineralization in situDelbem, A. C. B.; Carvalho, L. P. R.; Morihisa, R. K. U.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo