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2008Effect of starch and sucrose on dental biofilm formation and on root dentine demineralizationAires, C. P.; Cury, A. A. D. B.; Tenuta, L. M. A.; Klein, M. I.; Koo, H.; Duarte, S.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2013Fluoride content in toothpastes commercialized for children in Chile and discussion on professional recommendations of useGiacaman, R. A.; Carrera, C. A.; Munoz-Sandoval, C.; Fernandez, C.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2012Effect of acid etching time on demineralization of primary and permanent coronal dentinScheffel, D. L. S.; Tenuta, L. M. A.; Cury, J. A.; Hebling, J.-Artigo
2000Effects of Apis mellifera propolis on the activities of streptococcal glucosyltransferases in solution and adsorbed onto saliva-coated hydroxyapatiteKoo, H.; Smith, A. M. V.; Bowen, W. H.; Rosalen, P. L.; Cury, J. A.; Park, Y. K.-Artigo
2004In vivo studies on lead content of deciduous teeth superficial enamel of preschool childrenGomes, V. E.; De Sousa, M. D. L. R.; Barbosa, F.; Krug, F. J.; Saraiva, M. D. C. P.; Cury, J. A.; Gerlach, R. F.-Artigo
2007Lead contents in the surface enamel of deciduous teeth sampled in vivo from children in uncontaminated and in lead-contaminated areasde Almeida, G. R. C.; Saraiva, M. D. P.; Barbosa, F.; Krug, F. J.; Cury, J. A.; de Sousa, M. D. R.; Buzalaf, M. A. R.; Gerlach, R. F.-Artigo
2012Effect of fluoridated milk on enamel and root dentin demineralization evaluated by a biofilm caries modelGiacaman, R. A.; Munoz, M. J.; Ccahuana-Vasquez, R. A.; Munoz-Sandoval, C.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2012Proteomic analysis of matrix of dental biofilm formed under dietary carbohydrate exposureMoi, G. P.; Cury, J. A.; Dombroski, T. C. D.; Pauletti, B. A.; Leme, A. F. P.-Artigo
2005In vitro and in vivo effects of isolated fractions of Brazilian propolis on caries developmentHayacibara, M. F.; Koo, H.; Rosalen, P. L.; Duarte, S.; Franco, E. M.; Bowen, W. H.; Ikegaki, M.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2011Association between socioeconomic factors and the choice of dentifrice and fluoride intake by childrenMartins, C. C.; Oliveira, M. J.; Pordeus, I. A.; Cury, J. A.; Paiva, S. M.-Artigo
2010A procedure for characterizing glucans synthesized by purified enzymes of cariogenic streptococcus mutansAires, C. P.; Koo, H.; Sassaki, G. L.; Iacomini, M.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2013Comparing the efficacy of a dentifrice containing 1.5% arginine and 1450 ppm fluoride to a dentifrice containing 1450 ppm fluoride alone in the management of primary root cariesSouza, M. L. R.; Cury, J. A.; Tenuta, L. M. A.; Zhang, Y. P.; Mateo, L. R.; Cummins, D.; Ellwood, R. P.-Artigo
2009Enamel remineralization: controlling the caries disease or treating early caries lesions?Cury, J. A.; Tenuta, L. M. A.-Artigo
2009Enamel mineralization in the absence of maturation stage ameloblastsPorto, I. M.; Merzel, J.; de Sousa, F. B.; Bachmann, L.; Cury, J. A.; Line, S. R. P.; Gerlach, R. F.-Artigo
2012Re: Efficacy of fluoride toothpaste over timeFilho, A. P. R.; Tenuta, L. M. A.; Cury, J. A.-Ooutros documentos
2009Relationship between gap size and dentine secondary caries formation assessed in a microcosm biofilm modelCenci, M. S.; Pereira-Cenci, T.; Cury, J. A.; ten Cate, J. M.-Artigo
2005Apigenin and tt-farnesol with fluoride effects on S. mutans biofilms and dental cariesKoo, H.; Schobel, B.; Scott-Anne, K.; Bowen, W. H.; Cury, J. A.; Rosalen, P. L.; Park, Y. K.; Watson, G.-Artigo
2000Biochemical composition and cariogenicity of dental plaque formed in the presence of sucrose or glucose and fructoseCury, J. A.; Rebelo, M. A. B.; Cury, A. A. D.; Derbyshire, M. T. V. C.; Tabchoury, C. P. M.-Artigo
2000Effect of a new variety of Apis mellifera propolis on mutans streptococciKoo, H.; Rosalen, P. L.; Cury, J. A.; Ambrosano, G. M. B.; Murata, R. M.; Yatsuda, R.; Ikegaki, M.; Alencar, S. M.; Park, Y. K.-Artigo
2000In vitro antimicrobial activity of propolis and arnica montana against oral pathogensKoo, H.; Gomes, B. P. F. A.; Rosalen, P. L.; Ambrosano, G. M. B.; Park, Y. K.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo