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2015Origin of spin gapless semiconductor behavior in CoFeCrGa: theory and experimentBainsla, L.; Mallick, A. I.; Raja, M. M.; Coelho, A. A.; Nigam, A. K.; Johnson, D. D.; Alam, A.; Suresh, K. G.-Artigo
2018Experimental realisation of off-stoichiometric Fe-Mn-Si full Heusler alloy with hexagonal crystal structure by pulsed laser depositionChecca, N. R.; Caraballo-Vivas, R. J.; Coelho, A. A.; Rossi, A.; Fortunato, N. M.; Mohseni, F.; Gonçalves, J. N.; Amaral, J. S.; Rocco, D. L.; Reis, M. S.-Artigo
2014Tuning the surface anisotropy in Fe-doped NiO nanoparticlesMoura, K. O.; Lima, R. J. S.; Coelho, A. A.; Souza Junior, E. A.; Duque, J. G. S.; Meneses, C. T.-Artigo
2018Structural disorder effects on the magnetic entropy change of DyCo2 intermetallic: mechanical milling and the weakening of the itinerant electron metamagnetism mechanismPaula, V. G. de; Silva, M. Gomes; Silva, L. M. da; Santos, A. O. dos; Lang, R.; Otubo, L.; Coelho, A. A.; Cardoso, L. P.-Artigo
2018Unusual effects of manual grinding and subsequent annealing process observed in Gd5.09Ge2.03Si1.88 compoundCarvalho, A. M. G.; Alves, C. S.; Trevizoli, P. V.; Santos, A. O. dos; Gama, S.; Coelho, A. A.-Artigo
2018Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties in Gd1-yPryNi2 compoundsAlho, B. P.; Lopes, P. H. O.; Ribeiro, P. O.; Alvarenga, T. S. T.; Nóbrega, E. P.; de Sousa, V. S. R.; Carvalho, A. M. G.; Caldas, A.; Tedesco, J. C. G.; Coelho, A. A.; de Oliveira, N. A.; von Ranke, P. J.-Artigo
2019Pressure induced martensitic transition, magnetocaloric and magneto-transport properties in Mn-Ni-Sn Heusler alloySharma, J.; Coelho, A. A.; Repaka, D. V. M.; Ramanujan, R. V.; Suresh, K. G.-Outros documentos
1999Circular magnetic dichroism of Fe17Dy2Castro, A. R. B. de; Fraguas, G. B.; Fonseca, P. T.; Suave, R. N.; Gama, S.; Coelho, A. A.; Santos, I. A.-Artigo
2017Magnetic properties of Mn3-xFexSn compounds with tuneable Curie temperature by Fe content for thermomagnetic motorsFelez, M. R.; Coelho, A. A.; Gama, S.-Artigo
2017Magnetocaloric effect investigation in the ferromagnetic Eu2CuSi3 compoundSilva, M. G.; Paula, V. G. de; Santos, A. O. dos; Coelho, A. A.; Cardoso, L. P.; Silva, L. M. da-Artigo
2017Note: experimental setup for measuring the barocaloric effect in polymers: application to natural rubberBom, N. M.; Usuda, E. O.; Guimarães, G. M.; Coelho, A. A.; Carvalho, A. M. G.-Artigo
2014Room temperature multiferroic behavior in Pb(Fe1/2Nb1/2)O-3 ceramicsFraygola, B.; Frizon, N.; Nascimento, W. J.; Coelho, A. A.; Garcia, D.; Eiras, J. A.-Artigo
2014Magnetic and structural investigations on La0.6Sr0.4Mno3 nanostructured manganite: evidence of a ferrimagnetic shellAndrade, V. M.; Caraballo-Vivas, R. J.; Costas-Soares, T.; Pedro, S. S.; Rocco, D. L.; Reis, M. S.; Campos, A. P. C.; Coelho, A. A.-Artigo
2014Multiferroic behavior of lead-free alFeO3 and mn, nb doped compositionsSantos, G. M.; Silva, D. M.; Freitas, V. F.; Dias, G. S.; Coelho, A. A.; Pal, M.; Santos, I. A.; Cotica, L. F.; Guo, R.; Bhalla, A. S.-Artigo
2017Magnetic And Magnetocaloric Properties Of Dymn2si2 Compound With Multiple Magnetic Phase TransitionReis, D. C. dos; Franca, E. L. T.; Paula, V. G. de; Santos, A. O. dos; Coelho, A. A.; Cardoso, L. P.; Silva, L. M. da-Artigo
2017X-ray Powder Diffraction Of High-absorption Materials At The Xrd1 Beamline Off The Best Conditions: Application To (gd, Nd)(5)si-4 CompoundsCarvalho, A. M. G.; Nunes, R. S.; Coelho, A. A.-Artigo
2017Tunable Magnetocaloric Effect Around Room Temperature By Fe Doping In Mn0.98cr(0.02-x)fexas CompoundIpus, J. J.; Ribeiro, P. O.; Von Ranke, P.; Vivas, R. J. C.; Carvalho, A. M. G.; Coelho, A. A.; Franco, V.; Rocco, D. L.-Artigo
2017Partial Quenching Of The Magnetic Moments In Polycrystalline Co(al (x) Co1-x )(2)o-4 Samples (0 < X < 0.35)Oliveira, M. P.; Silva, L. S.; Mercena, S. G.; Coelho, A. A.; Meneses, C. T.; Duque, J. G. S.-Artigo
2016Magnetoelectric intrinsic coupling in PFW based perovskitesFraygola, B.; Coelho, A. A.; Eiras, J. A.-Artigo
2015Room temperature nonlinear magnetoelectric effect in lead-free and Nb-doped AlFeO3 compositionsCótica, L. F.; Santos, G. M.; Freitas, V. F.; Coelho, A. A.; Pal, M.; Santos, I. A.; Garcia, D.; Eiras, J. A.; Guo, R. Y.; Bhalla, A. S.-Artigo