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2010Simulação numérica e análise experimental do tratamento superficial por refusão a laser de uma liga Al-FeBertelli, FelipeGarcia, Amauri, 1949-DISSERTAÇÃO
2017Microstructure, tensile properties and wear resistance correlations on directionally solidified Al-Sn-(Cu; Si) alloysBertelli, Felipe; Freitas, Emmanuelle S.; Cheung, Noé; Arenas, Maria A.; Conde, Ana; Damborenea, Juande; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2016Numerical and experimental modelling of two-dimensional unsteady heat transfer during inward solidification of square billetsBertelli, Felipe; Faria, Jonas D.; Goulart, Pedro R.; Brito, Crystopher; Cheung, Noé; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2016Solder/substrate interfacial thermal conductance and wetting angles of Bi–Ag solder alloysSilva, Bismarck Luiz; Bertelli, Felipe; Canté, Manuel V.; Spinelli, José E.; Cheung, Noé; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2016Evaluation of thermophysical properties of Al–Sn–Si alloys based on computational thermodynamics and validation by numerical and experimental simulation of solidificationBertelli, Felipe; Cheung, Noé; Ferreira, Ivaldo L.; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2016An alternative thermal approach to evaluate the wettability of solder alloysSantos, Washington L.R.; Silva, Bismarck L.; Bertelli, Felipe; Spinelli, José E.; Cheung, Noé; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2015Cooling thermal parameters, microstructure, segregation and hardness in directionally solidified Al–Sn-(Si;Cu) alloysBertelli, Felipe; Brito, Crystopher; Ferreira, Ivaldo L.; Reinhart, Guillaume; Nguyen-Thi, Henri; Mangelinck-Noël, Nathalie; Cheung, Noé; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2015Experimental and numerical analyses of laser remelted Sn–0.7 wt%Cu solder surfacesSilva, Bismarck Luiz; Spinelli, José Eduardo; Canté, Manuel V.; Bertelli, Felipe; Cheung, Noé; Riva, Rudimar; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2015Microstructural development of hypoeutectic Zn–(10–40)wt%Sn solder alloys and impacts of interphase spacing and macrosegregation pattern on hardnessSantos, Washington L.R.; Brito, Crystopher; Bertelli, Felipe; Spinelli, José E.; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2014Cellular growth of single-phase Zn–Ag alloys unidirectionally solidifiedDias, Marcelino; Brito, Crystopher; Bertelli, Felipe; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2014Interconnection of thermal parameters, microstructure, macrosegregation and microhardness of unidirectionally solidified Zn-rich Zn–Ag peritectic alloysDias, Marcelino; Brito, Crystopher; Bertelli, Felipe; Rocha, Otávio L.; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2015An effective inverse heat transfer procedure based on evolutionary algorithms to determine cooling conditions of a steel continuous casting machineBertelli, Felipe; Silva-Santos, Carlos H.; Bezerra, Débora J.; Cheung, Noé; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2015Characterization of dendritic microstructure, intermetallic phases, and hardness of directionally solidified al-mg and al-mg-si alloysBrito, Crystopher; Costa, Thiago A.; Vida, Talita A.; Bertelli, Felipe; Cheung, Noé; Spinelli, José Eduardo; Garcia, Amauri-Artigo
2018Progression of plastic strain on heavy-haul railway rail under random pure rolling and its influence on crack initiationReis, Thairon; Lima, Eduardo de Abreu; Bertelli, Felipe; Santos Junior, Auteliano Antunes dos-Artigo
2018Effect of plastic accumulation on the nucleation of cracks in railroad rails due to bidirectional loaded trafficReis, Thairon; Lima, Eduardo de Abreu; Bertelli, Felipe; Santos Junior, Auteliano Antunes dos-Artigo
Dec-2019The application of an analytical model to solve an inverse heat conduction problem : transient solidification of a sn-sb peritectic solder alloy on distinct substratesCurtulo, Joanisa P.; Dias, Marcelino; Bertelli, Felipe; Silva, Bismarck L.; Spinelli, José E.; Garcia, Amauri; Cheung, Noé-Artigo