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2008Chemical composition and botanical origin of red propolis, a new type of brazilian propolisSilva, Bruno B.; Rosalen, Pedro L.; Cury, Jaime A.; Ikegaki, Masaharu; Souza, Vinícius C.; Esteves, Alessandro; Alencar, Severino M.-Artigo
2009Identification of a bioactive compound isolated from brazilian propolis type 6Castro, Myrella Lessio; do Nascimento, Andréa Mendes; Ikegaki, Masaharu; Costa-Neto, Cláudio M.; Alencar, Severino M.; Rosalen, Pedro L.-Artigo
2016Bioassay-guided isolation of proanthocyanidins with antioxidant activity from peanut (Arachis hypogaea) skin by combination of chromatography techniquesOldoni, Tatiane L. C.; Melo, Priscilla S.; Massarioli, Adna P.; Moreno, Ivani A. M.; Bezerra, Rosângela M. N.; Rosalen, Pedro L.; da Silva, Gil V. J.; Nascimento, Andréa M.; Alencar, Severino M.-Artigo
2011Isolation and analysis of bioactive isoflavonoids and chalcone from a new type of Brazilian propolisOldoni, Tatiane Luiza C.; Cabral, Ingridy S. R.; D`Arce, Marisa A. B. Regitano; Rosalen, Pedro L.; Ikegaki, Masaharu; Nascimento, Andrea M.; Alencar, Severino M.-Artigo
2016Neovestitol, An Isoflavonoid Isolated From Brazilian Red Propolis, Reduces Acute And Chronic Inflammation: Involvement Of Nitric Oxide And Il-6Franchin, Marcelo; Colón, David F.; da Cunha, Marcos G.; Castanheira, Fernanda V. S.; Saraiva, André L. L.; Bueno-Silva, Bruno; Alencar, Severino M.; Cunha, Thiago M.; Rosalen, Pedro L.-Artigo
2015Brazilian red propolis attenuates inflammatory signaling cascade in LPS-activated macrophagesBueno-Silva, Bruno; Kawamoto, Dione; Ando-Suguimoto, Ellen S.; Alencar, Severino M.; Rosalen, Pedro L.; Mayer, Marcia P. A.-Artigo
2014Action of essential oils from brazilian native and exotic medicinal species on oral biofilmsBersan, Salete M. F.; Galvão, Livia C. C.; Goes, Vivian F. F.; Sartoratto, Adilson; Figueira, Glyn M.; Rehder, Vera L. G.; Alencar, Severino M.; Duarte, Renata M. T.; Rosalen, Pedro L.; Duarte, Marta C. T.-Artigo
2013Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial evaluation of neovestitol and vestitol isolated from brazilian red propolisBueno-Silva, Bruno; Alencar, Severino M.; Koo, Hyun; Ikegaki, Masaharu; Silva, Gil V. J.; Napimoga, Marcelo H.; Rosalen, Pedro L.-Artigo
2017The Effect Of Seasons On Brazilian Red Propolis And Its Botanical Source: Chemical Composition And Antibacterial ActivityBueno-Silva, Bruno; Marsola, Alexandre; Ikegaki, Masaharu; Alencar, Severino M.; Rosalen, Pedro L.-Artigo