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2019Introduction to special issue on global perspectives on sensory and consumer sciences : a cross-cultural approachRodrigues, Heber; Otterbring, Tobias; Piqueras-Fiszman, Betina; Gomez-Corona, Carlos-Editorial
2020Consumption, knowledge, and food safety practices of brazilian seafood consumersBaptista, Rafaela C.; Rodrigues, Heber; Sant'Ana, Anderson S.-Artigo
2020Examining the role of regional culture and geographical distances on the representation of unfamiliar foods in a continental-size countryBisconsin-Junior, Antonio; Rodrigues, Heber; Behrens, Jorge H.; Lima, Verena S.; da Silva, Maria Aparecida Azevedo P.; de Oliveira, Mari Silvia R.; Januario, Lorena A.; Deliza, Rosires; Netto, Flavia Maria; Mariutti, Lilian Regina B.-Artigo
2019Contribution of cross-cultural studies to understanding wine appreciation : a reviewRodrigues, Heber; Parr, Wendy V.-Artigo
2020What about sustainability? understanding consumers' conceptual representations through free word associationBarone, Bruna; Rodrigues, Heber; Nogueira, Rosana Maria; Lima de Queiroz Guimaraes, Katia Regina Leoni Silva; Behrens, Jorge Herman-Artigo
2020How the country-of-origin impacts wine traders’ mental representation about wines: a study in a world wine trade fairRodrigues, Heber; Rolaz, Julien; Franco-Luesma, Ernesto; Sáenz-Navajas, María-Pilar; Behrens, Jorge; Valentin, Dominique; Depetris-Chauvin, Nicolas-Artigo
2020Personality traits and food consumption: an overview of recent researchMachado-Oliveira, Michele C.; Nezlek, John B.; Rodrigues, Heber; Sant’Ana, Anderson S .-Artigo