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2016Influence Of Dna And Dna-pedot: Pss On Dye Sensitized Solar Cell PerformanceJayme; CC; Kanicki; J; Kajzar; F; Nogueira; AF; Pawlicka; AArtigo de periódico
2016Signals At Ground Level Of Relativistic Solar Particles Associated With A Radiation Storm On 2014 April 18Augusto; C; Navia; C; de Oliveira; MN; Fauth; A; Nepomuceno; AArtigo de Periódico
2016Clinical Applications Of Hplc-icp-ms Element Speciation: A ReviewDelafiori; J; Ring; G; Furey; AResenha
2016State, State Institutions, And Political Power In BrazilBoito; A; Saad; AArtigo de Periódico
2016Further Drimane Sesquiterpenes From Drimys Brasiliensis Stem Barks With Cytotoxic PotentialFratoni; E; Claudino; VD; Yunes; RA; Franchi; GC; Nowill; AE; Cechinel; V; Delle Monache; F; Malheiros; AArtigo de Periódico
2016The Patronage Of The Order Of Christ And The Elites Of Eighteenth Century Century Brazil. Analysis Of Access To Ecclesiastical BenefitsRodrigues; AArtigo de Periódico
2016Pharmacology And Regulation Of Fungal K2p ChannelsManville; RW; Povreslo; FS; Corran; A; Lewis; AResenha
2016Collagen Cross-linkers On Dentin Bonding: Stability Of The Adhesive Interfaces, Degree Of Conversion Of The Adhesive, Cytotoxicity And In Situ Mmp InhibitionHass; V; Luque-Martinez; IV; Gutierrez; MF; Moreira; CG; Gotti; VB; Feitosa; VP; Koller; G; Otuki; MF; Loguercio; AD; Reis; AArtigo de Periódico
2016Correspondence: Reply To 'on The Nature Of Strong Piezoelectricity In Graphene On Sio2'Rodrigues; GD; Zelenovskiy; P; Romanyuk; K; Luchkin; S; Kopelevich; Y; Kholkin; ACarta
2016Evaluation Of Thermophysical Properties Of Al-sn-si Alloys Based On Computational Thermodynamics And Validation By Numerical And Experimental Simulation Of SolidificationBertelli; F; Cheung; N; Ferreira; IL; Garcia; AArtigo de Periódico
2016Pixel-level Tissue Classification For Ultrasound ImagesPazinato; DV; Stein; BV; de Almeida; WR; Werneck; RD; Mendes; PR; Penatti; OAB; Torres; RD; Menezes; FH; Rocha; AArtigo de Periódico
2016Surface Structure Determination Of Black Phosphorus Using Photoelectron Diffractionde Lima; LH; Barreto; L; Landers; R; de Siervo; AArtigo de Periódico
2016The Ivp For The Benjamin-ono-zakharov-kuznetsov Equation In Low Regularity Sobolev SpacesCunha; A; Pastor; AArtigo de Periódico
20167,7-dimethylaporphine And Other Alkaloids From The Bark Of Guatteria FriesianaCosta; EV; Pinheiro; MLB; Maia; BHLNS; Marques; FA; Ruiz; ALTG; Marchetti; GM; de Carvalho; JE; Soares; MBP; Costa; COS; Galvao; AFC; Lopes; NP; Koolen; HHF; Bezerra; DP; Barison; AArtigo de Periódico
2016Length Scale Of The Dendritic Microstructure Affecting Tensile Properties Of Al-(ag)-(cu) AlloysDuarte; RN; Faria; JD; Brito; C; Verissimo; NC; Cheung; N; Garcia; AArtigo de Periódico
2016Plasmacytoid-type Cellular Differentiation In Polymorphous Low-grade Adenocarcinomados Santos; HT; de Andrade; BAB; Abu Egal; ES; Castilla; ER; Mariano; FV; Altemani; AEditorial
2016Autonomous Soil Moisture Sensor Based On Nanostructured Thermosensitive Resistors Powered By An Integrated Thermoelectric GeneratorDias; PC; Cadavid; D; Ortega; S; Ruiz; A; Franca; MBM; Morais; FJO; Ferreira; EC; Cabot; AArtigo de Periódico
2016Numerical And Experimental Modelling Of Two-dimensional Unsteady Heat Transfer During Inward Solidification Of Square BilletsBertelli; F; Faria; JD; Goulart; PR; Brito; C; Cheung; N; Garcia; AArtigo de Periódico
2016Infinitely Many Solutions For A Critical Kirchhoff Type Problem Involving A Fractional OperatorFiscella; AArtigo de Periódico
2016Cooling Thermal Parameters, Microstructural Spacing And Mechanical Properties In A Directionally Solidified Hypereutectic Al-si AlloyReyes; RV; Kakitani; R; Costa; TA; Spinelli; JE; Cheung; N; Garcia; AArtigo de Periódico